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‘Adventure Time’ Star Jeremy Shada Previews Finn’s ‘Dark’ Backstory

Mon, October 21, 2013 5:19pm EDT by Andy Swift 11 Comments
Adventure Time Spoilers
Courtesy of Cartoon Network, Twitter

Plus, does Finn still have a chance with Flame Princess? The star of Cartoon Network’s twisted hit gives the scoop, and to be honest, it all sounds pretty math.

Oh my Glob! recently talked to Jeremy Shada — aka the voice of Finn the Human, sworn protector of the Land of Ooo — and no topic was off limits. Not only did he tell us what we can expect from Adventure Time‘s upcoming sixth season, but he also revealed his favorite residents of the Candy Kingdom and the wildest encounter he had with a fan at New York Comic Con. Hold onto your butts!

10 Questions With ‘Adventure Time’s’ Jeremy Shada

>> So, I know you just got to do New York Comic-Con. How was that?

It was crazy, oh my gosh. It’s really cool to connect with fans and talk to them about the show. More people are recognizing me as an actor than just the character, because I’ve been doing more live-action stuff recently, so that’s cool. Plus, there are always the crazy fans that stalk me online and know what I look like that way.

>> Do you get a lot of weird fan experiences?

Dude, literally all the time. People want me to sign them on weird areas, or they want me to give them stuff, I’m just like, ‘Whoa, hey, I can’t do that.'”

>> I imagine, with this show, you probably get fans of all ages. I mean, I’m 25, and it’s one of my favorites.

The thing that’s crazy is the age range of the audience is so wide. People from 2 to 90 watch it, so at Comic Con, we have whole families coming up to us. … You have the colorful cartoon that kids love, but also the adult over-the-head jokes. And then you have all the dark stuff in the background.

>> And it seems like the show is only getting darker with time.

Yeah, which I never thought would happen. From the beginning, I never thought it could get weirder. And we have some really dark stuff coming up.

>> Speaking of stuff coming up, you said at NYCC that we’ll be learning more about Finn’s backstory?

Oh yes. We might see some of Finn’s family… or something like that.


>> Does that also mean we’ll see more of the dancing Finn baby?

[Laughs.] The dancing Finn baby! I hope so.

>> You’ve been doing this show for a few years now, and your voice has obviously changed during that time. Has it gotten harder to play Finn?

No, actually I just pitch up my voice a little bit and get into it. It’s just that character voice. Fortunately, it comes pretty easily for me.

>> We’ve seen Finn with a few different ladies over the seasons. Who do you hope he, ultimately, ends up with? 

We have seen Finn with a few different ladies. I was actually really bummed when he and Flame Princess broke up. … I loved the Flame Princess character and thought their relationship was really interesting. There were a lot of levels to it.


>> Do you have any favorite background characters?

I love them all, but Cinnamon Bun is one of my favorites. I also love The Ice King. Tom Kenny is hysterical.

>> Both excellent choices. I love me some Peppermint Butler.

He is great! I love how creepy he is. He’s got this evil, demonic thing in him that you never get to see.

>> Lastly, you’ve been doing more live-action work recently. Is that something you’ll continue with?

Oh yeah. That’s where I got my start, and I’ve been doing a lot more of it. In the future, that’s what I plan to be doing full-force.

HollywoodLifers, who’s YOUR favorite resident of the Candy Kingdom?

— Andy Swift

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