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Austin Mahone: The Mystery About His Illness — Doctor Speaks

Sat, October 19, 2013 11:42am EDT by 29 Comments
Austin Mahone Mystery Illness
Courtesy of Instagram

After Austin was shockingly rushed to the hospital on Oct. 17, it was revealed that he was treated for a blood clot and inflammation in his throat, as well as dehydration and a fever. But a doctor tells EXCLUSIVELY that we still may not know everything about what is ailing the young singer. Read on.

Mahomies are in a state of panic after their idol Austin Mahone was taken to the hospital on Oct. 17 and forced to cancel his upcoming tour. Now, with the help of a doctor, is delving into Austin’s condition to figure out what’s really going on and if he’ll ever be able to perform again.

Austin Mahone’s Mystery Illness

A rep for Austin told us on Oct. 18 that “Austin Mahone was admitted to the hospital with 104 temperature and is being treated for a blood clot and extreme inflammation in his throat as well as severe dehydration.” But the spokesperson may have withheld information, Dr. Barry M. Rose, anesthesiologist at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco, tells exclusively.

“The story is being told in a way that does not reveal all there is to know,” the doctor states. Dr. Rose explains that most of Austin’s symptoms are congruent with each other — the severe inflammation in his throat would cause the dehydration, as well as the high fever.

But the blood clot is the odd part. “If he had a recent tonsillectomy or something like that, then having bleeding, pain, dehydration some days later would make sense,” Dr. Rose says. “We have no knowledge of him having a tonsillectomy however.”

Dr. Rose points out that some singers have suffered from blood clots around their vocal cords, but if that is case, it would not explain why Austin is also suffering from a high fever and dehydration. So something to connect all the dots is clearly missing.

Austin Mahone: Can He Recover?

With that in mind, what sort of prognosis can Dr. Rose make about Austin’s recovery?

“If this is not laryngeal [pertaining to the voice box] in origin, which I doubt it is, then he will make a full recovery and sing just fine again,” Dr. Rose reassuringly says. But?

“If it is pharyngeal [pertaining to the throat] in origin, which I suspect it is, it may take a couple of weeks before he feels normal again.”

Thankfully, Dr. Rose mostly discards the possibility of long-term damage or anything even more serious than that. “All in all, he has a really bad sore throat, inflammatory or infectious, for which we cannot know the real reason or diagnosis.”

Hopefully this is just a scare, and Austin can get over it soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

WATCH: Austin Mahone Released From Hospital After Blood Clot Scare

— Andrew Gruttadaro, Reporting by Eric Ray

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