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Couple Sells Their Baby Girl For $8,200 To Buy iPhones

Fri, October 18, 2013 3:46pm EDT by 4 Comments
Couple Sells Baby
Courtesy of Apple

A young Chinese couple reportedly placed anonymous ads in their local newspapers saying that they would be willing to sell their baby in exchange for about $8,200. After they received the money, they allegedly went on a major online shopping spree and purchased high-end items including iPhone 5s.

Parents identified only as Miss Zhang and Mr. Teng face jail time after they allegedly sold their newborn daughter in order to raise money to purchase iPhones and expensive designer sneakers. Shanghai police charged both parents with human trafficking.

Couple Sells Baby: Chinese Couple Exchange Daughter For Cash To Buy iPhones

The couple reportedly went to great lengths to conceal the pregnancy, because the couple already have two children, according to The Daily Mail. The mother had a home birth and allegedly told neighbors that her baby bump was a tumor, reported the site.

The unemployed parents allegedly sold their child when she was mere weeks old, and went on a high-end online spending spree immediately after getting the funds (50,000 yuan, about $8,200) deposited into their bank account. Credit card statements reveal that they bought iPhone 5s — which are in high demand in China — along with designer sneakers.

Couple Speaks Out After Allegedly Selling Baby Daughter

The couple told police that they were not trying to make personal profit off of selling their daughter, but instead they said were hoping to find their daughter a home and family that would provide her with “financial security” and give her an education.

“We did not give the baby away for money but in order to give it more security,” the couple told officials, according to Shanghai’s Jiefang Daily newspaper.

After examining the couple’s bank account, police believed they were part of a “sinister conspiracy,” to profit off of their child, reported The Daily Mail.

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