‘Project Runway’ Season 12 Finale Recap: [Spoiler] Wins

Thu, October 17, 2013 11:10pm EST by 17 Comments
Project Runway Winner
Courtesy of Lifetime

The stakes are high for the designers showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Who had the winning collection? Keep reading for our recap of the ‘Project Runway’ season 12 finale!

The episode began with anxiety and excitement as Tim guided Alexandria, Dom, Justin, and Bradon through the last two days before the runway show. The designers still had to create the Tide “Washable Fabrics” look and finalize hair, make-up, model fittings, and last-minute construction issues — all in two work days!

Project Runway Finale Recap:

Alexandria talked with Tim about her frustrations with Nina’s remarks during the last episode. She decides to change the t-shirts in her collection for the show, which means she makes even more clothes on top of the original 30 pieces.

Bradon hilariously decides that simply walking between the sewing room and his workspace is a waste of time, and chooses instead to run in between the two places! If he doesn’t win, will he at least get voted winner of ‘Most Athletic’?

Tim’s final gathering with the designers is emotional for everyone as they reflect and look forward to their debut at Fashion Week. Just from the model fittings, it’s looking like a tight competition!

The last runway show!

It’s an early day for the designers as they get up at 2 a.m. to leave for Lincoln Center. All four are stunned upon seeing the runway for the first time; Dom taking a moment to gently touch it before they head backstage.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Project Runway finale show if something didn’t do wrong. Poor Justin is told by Tim one of his models broke her ankle and they have to give him a replacement model. Alexandria obsessively runs around hair and makeup trying to get someone’s attention. And despite Bradon’s several attempts to get models to put their coffee and tea away from the clothes, one of them spills their drink on a dress and he spends 20 minutes getting the stain out of the fabric. What else could go wrong?!

The moment has arrived as Heidi introduces Zac, Nina, and guest judge, Kerry Washington, to the crowd of people eager to see the newest designers. We can’t wait to see how everything comes together on the runway!

Justin goes first, thanking Tim Gunn in his introduction for helping him with the collection (and probably saving him in the middle of the season). His collection is undoubtedly beautiful. At first the white makes it a little hard to make out the interesting shapes in his clothes, but as his looks continue to come out they masterfully tell his story of beginning to hear for the first time. He ends his show with the unconventional material dress that receives a special applause as you heard it come down the runway.

Dom goes second, setting a bold statement with her colorful prints and variety of shapes. Her clear vinyl shawl, while gorgeous in the workroom, glared on the runway and you could barely see the incredible geometric, silver treatment. Her knits, however, were gorgeous — especially the backless dress. Dom also decided to end her show with the unconventional materials dress, which was a perfect dramatic end to her edgy collection.

Alexandria showed third and decided to mix it up by beginning with the unconventional materials dress. Her voluminous phonebook gown definitely was a ‘wow’ moment that kept us wanting more. Her cool clothes were accessorized by feather headpieces that gave her collection the ‘show worthy’ factor Nina was worried about.

Last but not least, Bradon began his collection with the gorgeous ballgown skirt and top — the same look Tim told him to cut! His whole collection was incredibly complete from beginning to end — he had several silhouettes and pieces that all worked in their own unique way. His final look was a pretty, printed chiffon dress with a ruffled sleeve, leaving everyone stunned at the amount of talent this season brought to fashion week.

WATCH: Heidi Klum Talks ‘Runway’ Finale:

Critique time!

The judges began with Justin’s collection. Kerry said she wanted the sound wave dress in her closet immediately. Heidi remarked: “I’m glad Tim brought you back with his save.” Nina loved his clothes, observing that they had a “gentle architecture” about them. Bradon’s were also received well, with Zac saying that the clothes have an expressive and abstract hand, however, Nina remarked that the collection was “so not focused,” and very “disjointed.”

Dom’s collection was actually well liked by Nina, as she said: “it was extremely entertaining…you really pushed yourself.” Kerry also commented on the beautiful prints used in the clothes.

Finally Alexandria’s collection impressed Nina in that her styling was “editorial” and she began with her dramatic unconventional materials dress. Heidi also loved how her clothes were “very hip, its very now.”

Project Runway Winner — Dom!

Dom is given the winning title, making history as the first African-American winner — way to go, Dom!

– Katie George

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Posted at 8:26 PM on October 21, 2013  

I love Alexandria’s fashion!! And all her hat wear!!! Please tell me where I can get them?>/\<

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Wendy Stahler

Posted at 12:02 PM on October 21, 2013  

Would love to find out where to buy Dom’s fashions

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Posted at 11:56 PM on October 18, 2013  

I missed watching this last night…had to google it to watch online…thanks alot for spoiling it for me website!!!!!! ARG!!!! Did you really have to include the winners name in the title???? Makes me so mad!!!! Think about this next time….we don’t want the winners name in the headline while we are goggling!!!! I’m glad Dom won…she had a great collection and great show!

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Posted at 9:20 PM on October 18, 2013  

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Posted at 9:11 PM on October 18, 2013  

I was pulling for Justin because a) (most importantly) I loved his designs throughout the season but also b) he was just sweet, positive, and a breath of fresh air. Dom was my second choice and upon seeing the runway show, I love love LOVED her collection the most, so it was deserved. I still don’t know why Alexandria was there!

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Posted at 4:58 PM on October 18, 2013  

i had the benefit of not watching the whole season so no clue who these people are. project runway jumped the shark for me when it went to lifetime and just drowned when gretchen won, but i do like watching the finale runway show.
i thought they all did a good job. the winners in this order for me were 1) dom – had some great wow pieces. kept thinking if i saw a woman walk down the street or on the red carpet in this i’d go wow. that final gown was DA MN!! 2) justin – loved the white and the segueway into color. would wear all but one of his pieces, but nothing made me go wow. 3) alexandria – liked some of the pieces but when it finished it was the only collection where i went, ‘where’s the rest of the collection.’ 4) bradon – a few nice pieces but mostly went wtf. no. onto the next season.

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Posted at 1:20 PM on October 18, 2013  

I think that Justin won his work was faboulus but Dom you did a good job too.

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Posted at 4:23 PM on October 18, 2013  

EXACTLY how I feel. I loved Justin’s collection. Heck, I even really liked Alexandria’s collection, but Dom’s was my third favorite. She does a great job, but I couldn’t connect with the business of it. All four are going to go far. Congrats to Dom.

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Posted at 4:24 PM on October 18, 2013  


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Star Lawrence

Posted at 12:20 PM on October 18, 2013  

I really enjoyed this yr! If I had one wish it would be less crying. There is no crying in fashion! Also, trying to tug heartstrings with disabilities and disease is very wearing. We get it–being deaf was an obstacle–but look where you were! At least Dom was not a mean girl like the one last season.

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Jill Callahan Stahl

Posted at 7:26 PM on October 18, 2013  

^ I know. Justin cried in almost every scene. And he cried ALOT. I respect him tremendously for his accomplishments so I cannot say what pain he is in with his deafness… Alexandria only cried in end. Brandon cried when he saw his boyfriend. Dom did not cry, I think,

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Posted at 10:15 AM on October 18, 2013  

Nice job to all the designers! Congratulations to Dom; loved her unique talent of color and putting it on fabric. Not an easy task and then “making it work” & look good as it comes down the runway! Wow… I loved her looks. All the designers did a great job! I know all of their designs will be sold worldwide. We will see all of the finalist in your local stores or on other design projects! Season 12 was GREAT!!!

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Posted at 9:42 AM on October 18, 2013  

That shirt with the round open back that Alexandria made at the last minute was way to similar to the one Justin made. It’s too bad that the judge’s didn’t know that because they undoubtedly would have called her out on it. I was pulling for Justin but Dom is deserving as well. I’d have been ok with either being named the winner.

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Anna Barr

Posted at 9:38 AM on October 18, 2013  

I just want to know where to buy Alexandria’s clothes! There is very little of Dom’s stuff I would wear.

Share this comment at Share with Twitter

Jill Callahan Stahl

Posted at 7:23 PM on October 18, 2013  

^ Anna Barr I agree. I think Alexandria is very wearable, elegantly casual.

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Posted at 8:21 AM on October 18, 2013  

……….they aren’t in sex toy’s?

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Posted at 5:13 AM on October 18, 2013  

This decision was made a long time ago, deserving or not . They just went through the motions.
Dom did good work but she did the same print and colors work all the time. Jason should have won and I was hoping he would but this decision was already made and they’ve just been going through the motions.

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