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Katrina Parker Finds Her ‘Voice’ On New EP, ‘In And Out Of The Dark’

Wed, October 2, 2013 7:33pm EDT by Andy Swift 2 Comments
Katrina Parker
Courtesy of Katrina Parker

The season two ‘Voice’ finalist reflects on her unconventional journey thus far, and teases what’s coming up next!

After making a splash on the second season of The Voice, vocal powerhouse Katrina Parker is officially on the scene with a brand-new EP, In And Out Of The Dark — as well as an exciting new perspective on the music industry: It’s not a race.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh God, if I don’t get something out before the next season, it’s over for me,'” she tells But what she learned is that “when you rush and put something out that you’re not 100 percent behind, you’re going to have an issue.”

So she waited. For months, actually. She hunted for a label and sought financial backing, all while honing her sound and pouring her heart into her music. Ultimately, she decided to go the Kickstarter route, asking fans to fund her project — and her dream.

“If I was going to ask people for money, I needed to make sure the album was good and ready, and that the songs were written,” Katrina recalls. “I didn’t want to be that jerk that makes them wait two years for it.”

‘In And Out Of The Dark,’ Explained

Katrina’s patience paid off in the form of an EP that’s not only fully funded, but also fully developed, and richly diverse.

“The theme [of the EP] for me is the good, the bad and the ugly of the last three to four years of my life,” Katrina explains. “You hear all of that on there. The Voice changed my life on so many levels and allowed me to sing full-time, which has always been my dream. But it was also a really terrifying experience. Some of my highest highs and my lowest lows have happened since the show ended.”

But don’t expect Katrina to stray too far from her reality roots; she says she still keeps up with the show, which just returned for its fifth season last month.

“I’m the biggest Voice fan,” she tells us. “It’s like the mob; once you’re part of the Voice family, you’re part of the Voice family. I still feel like I’m part of it.” (She even got a chance to see her mentorAdam Levine, at Maroon 5‘s Grammys party last February!)

So what’s next for Katrina?

“There’s going to be a video [for the first single, ‘In And Out Of The Dark’]” she tells us. “It’s going to be a mixture of a storyline with a few performance shots, as well. I’m very excited about that.”

So are we, Katrina. So are we.

WATCH: Katrina Parker’s ‘In And Out Of The Dark’ Video (By Fan Mike Danenberg)

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— Andy Swift