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Wicked’s 10th Anniversary Inspires New Nail Polish Collection

Fri, September 27, 2013 2:00pm EDT by Dory Larrabee 1 Comment
Wicked 10 Anniversary

Get Wicked! To celebrate the Broadway show’s 10th anniversary, manicurist to the stars Deborah Lippmann is introducing a limited edition three polish collection! Find out more about the line and the inspiration below!

Wicked is one of the most successful shows in Broadway history and to compliment the show’s 10th birthday, Deborah Lippman is releasing three nail polish colors — a pretty pink, a matte green and a shimmering emerald — to bring the city of Oz to YOU!

Wicked 10th Anniversary — Deborah Lippmann’s Nail Collection

Deborah breaks down more information on the colors and the inspiration to

Popular is a glistening pink lacquer with a shimmer finish inspired by Glinda. In the iconic “Popular” number in the musical, Glinda wears a pink, shimmering dress that has a beautiful iridescent quality. Although she also wears a beautiful blue gown, between the song and the cheerfulness of the pink dress — we had to make a shade reminiscent of that moment. I was fortunate enough to visit the costume closet and see how beautiful the pink gown is in person. There are layers upon layers that create the precise color of the dress. We were able to get a piece of fabric, and really matched it. A lot went into getting the shade as accurate as possible.

They save costumes, so when we were looking around the costume closet they showed us different versions of the dress — including the dress that Kristin Chenoweth wore. We were also able to see how much the dress changes after three months of being under the lights, and then they have to be updated to keep the costumes consistent. It was interesting to hear that sometimes the fabric that they started with at the beginning of a run stops being made, and the fabric has to be specially created in order to remake the dress. You’d never think that something like that would happen. We have similar issues when creating nail polish — a specific ingredient or a certain type of glitter won’t be available any longer. It was such an interesting realization.

Defying Gravity is inspired by Elphaba. It’s a green lacquer with a crème finish that signifies the extension of Elphaba’s skin. We used pieces of fabric from her body suit, and of course her makeup — MAC Chromacake in Landscape Green – as inspiration. We knew that the makeup would read a bit differently accordingly to skin type, so we used a combination of both when creating the shade. I also did a bit of research, looking at the history of the character’s nails. I found that sometimes they’re long, other times the makeup was covering them — it had really varied.  I thought that creating this shade would make it easy for the actress to have a polish for the show that matched the skin tone, or at least my goal was to be able to give them the option to do so. I love this shade because when you’re at home, you can transform into Elphaba and become her. She’s the girl who is a little bit different, but at the end of the day, we’re all different so you can use this polish whenever you want show off your individuality. To wear green, you really have to be willing to experiment and do something different with your nails.

One Short Day is an emerald glitter inspired by none other than The Emerald City. The exact inspiration for this shade is the setting when Elphaba and Glinda arrive at The Emerald City in the musical. It has the glamour of Oz, and to me, is The Emerald City in a bottle.

Deal Alert — How To Save On The Collection

Deborah posted a photo of the collection on her Instagram on September 26, writing: “NEW LAUNCH – To celebrate the 10th anniversary of WICKED Broadway’s biggest blockbuster, we proudly launch our Wicked set. Enjoy 15% OFF any order of $75 or more on our website for 3 Days ONLY through 9.28.13. Use code: emmy2013 Experience the lacquer here.”

Are you loving this new collection? Have you seen Wicked, HollywoodLifers?

WATCH: Wicked — Popular — Kristin Chenoweth

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— Dory Larrabee

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