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JC Chasez’s ‘Girl Radical’ Episode 6: The Girls Perform Their First Concert

Thu, September 26, 2013 3:40pm EDT by Russ Weakland Add first Comment
Girl Radical Web Series

‘NSYNC member-turned-solo artist JC Chasez has an amazing new creation, the all-girl band Girl Radical, which blossomed from an idea to an actual entity on his new web series. On episode six, the girls finally hit the concert stage, and has an EXCLUSIVE first look!

JC Chasez and producer/songwriter Jimmy Harry teamed up with 11 amazing vocalists from different backgrounds to assemble the pop powerhouse Girl Radical. Now you can watch Girl Radical’s amazing journey in a series of web episodes documenting all their ups and downs as they try to take over the pop world. has an EXCLUSIVE first look of their concert!

Get To Know Girl Radical

We made sure to check out the latest and greatest of Girl Radical a few weeks back, and now we see them all as a cohesive unit and having their first concert. What an amazing accomplishment! even had the chance to talk to some of the members about their experience so far. Read our full Q&A below:

>> What has this whole process taught you as performer?

(Nyla) So far this whole process has taught me to be patient and dream big. Being apart of such a unique and large project makes a lot of us anxious because we want to show the world who we are, but it’s about being strategic and finding the right time to make our mark!

>> What is the best advice JC has told you?

(Nyla) The best advice JC has given me is to be okay with trying new things and executing wild ideas even if it means you look ridiculous for it. He advocates doing what makes us happy, because those are the things that we will look back at our career and be glad that we did.

>> What would you like for this band to become in the next few years?

(Jess)  I would love to be touring the world, recording albums and making people smile through our music. I would love to make a great affect on the world.

(Nyla) I would like for this band to hit America like a whirlwind. I want our group to be surprising in that people never know what our next move will be but are still excited to be apart of our journey because of what a strong group of girls we are. I want our individual strengths to combine into a supermassive strength that cannot be duplicated.

>> Who are the girl groups you look up to?

(Jess)  SPICE GIRLS!! They will always be my favorite, hands down. But no joke in elementary I was a huge fan of the Cheetah Girls and always wanted to become one of them.

(Nyla) I love Destiny’s child because vocally they are all so strong and they have such flair and attitude. My other favorite growing up was Spice Girls because they were a ball of energy and seemed so supportive of one another. It seemed like a tight unit that could not be broken.

>> Would you ever cover any NSYNC songs?

(Jess) I think we all would love to cover a Nsync Song! Every song by them is awesome!

>> What is one thing that separates you all from previous girl groups?

(Jess) We all bring out something different to the table. 11 unique personalities. This has never been done in the states and I think America will really enjoy our upbeat, fun, catchy music.

(Nyla) One thing that separates us from other girl groups is that our talent range doesn’t stop at being vocalists. The diversity of our group plays to our individual strengths, some of us musicians and songwriters, some of us fashionistas, some of us comedic, some dancers. The variety of our group as well as our size has the potential to be a complete game changer.

Watch ‘Girl Radical’ In Concert

Episode 6 of the web series delves into what the group has done to get on the concert stage, and lets just say the rock it out! You got to check it out!

We love Girl Radical and their concert is on fire! So HollywoodLifers, check out the new episode below and tell us all your thoughts on Girl Radical. Sound off below!

WATCH: The Brand New ‘Girl Radical’ Episode Below!
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— Russ Weakland

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