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‘Hostages’ Star Mateus Ward Previews ‘Dark’ New CBS Thriller

Mon, September 23, 2013 5:26pm EDT by Andy Swift 1 Comment
Hostages Series Premiere
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Getting kidnapped? That’s nothing. Mateus tells he’s more concerned with holding his own against the likes of Toni Collette & Tate Donovan!

One of the most highly anticipated new dramas of the season, Hostages, premieres tonight on CBS, dragging viewers into one family’s worst nightmare: A rogue FBI agent (Dylan McDermott) kidnaps a doctor (Toni Collette), who’s set to perform surgery on the President of the United States, as well as her husband (Tate Donovan) and children. spoke with Mateus Ward, who plays the youngest member of the kidnapped clan, about his “not-so-innocent” new role — and what his A-list co-stars are really like when the cameras stop rolling.

Read On For Our Q&A With Mateus Ward

>> OK, give us a little introduction to your character. What’s Jake all about?

Jake is the not-so-innocent son of Tate Donovan and Toni Collette’s characters. When I first auditioned, I was so in love with him. I’d never wanted to play a part as much as I wanted to play this role. I love how Jake is such a flawed character.

>> Not-so-innocent, eh? Will we see his flaws right away, or will it take time?

[Laughs] Well, there’s a lot of stuff I’d love to tell you, but it’s such a secretive show. You’ll see as it goes on.

>> We know you from Lab Rats on Disney Channel. What’s it been like tackling this much-darker role?

I actually feel like this is my element. When I did Lab Rats, it was kind of a stretch for me. And it’s been so great; the writing on the show is amazing.

>> You’re working with some huge names. Is that intimidating at all?

It is, and it’s so exciting. Working with them has been so inspiring. I respect and look up to all of them so much, and I’ve learned so much from watching them in action.

>> Obviously it’s a heavy show, but when the director yells ‘cut,’ do things lighten up?

Surprisingly, for such a dark show, we have a lot of fun on set. Everyone is hilarious, and we’re all joking all the time. Of course, as soon as the camera starts rolling, we switch back to being dark and serious. … With all these talented actors, they really know their characters inside and out; I have to step up my game, like 110 percent.

WATCH: ‘Hostages’ Series Premiere Preview

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— Andy Swift

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