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‘Devious Maids’ Finale: Rebecca Wisocky Talks Death, Divorce & More

Fri, September 20, 2013 5:01pm EDT by Andy Swift 1 Comment
Devious Maids Season Finale
Courtesy of Lifetime

Rebecca tells to prepare for ‘the most shocking moment of the season’ this Sunday.

For the past 12 weeks, Devious Maids fans have relished every cutting word spoken by Rebecca Wisocky‘s Evelyn, the deliciously offensive — though largely unaware of how offensive she really is — lady of the Powell household. Her ‘devious’ antics come to a head on the Sept. 22 season finale, and Rebecca tells to brace for some huge moments, including a major death!

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>> I’m curious: Do you love your character as much as we all do?

She’s such a fun character, and a fun character to hate. She says some pretty reprehensible things. The [one-liners are] all so good. If I’m even remotely living up to the material Marc Cherry has given me, I’ll be happy. It’s great stuff every week. … I’m fascinated by the character. I don’t always play rich bitches, but I’ve played them a lot, and I find them to be utterly fascinating. Evelyn Powell is a really great example of an impossible woman you just can’t help but love.

>> Is there anyone you’d like to work with more in season two?

I’m dying to work with Judy Reyes, who is so wonderful and talented and has become a good friend. I’d love for our paths to cross; I think there would be fireworks there.

>> OK, let’s talk about the finale. Anything you can share?

There’s a spoiler in every frickin’ scene. You will find out whether Taylor lives or dies, someone will be killed, and in the last two minutes of the show, there is possibly the most shocking moment of the season. The majority of the final episode will take place at another glamorous, ostentatious party at the Powell home. I like that that was kind of the bookend for the season.


>> What about Evelyn and Adrian? It sure seems like they’re heading for a divorce.

She really seems to have a plan, right? To take him for half? I think she’s worth more than half. I can’t imagine he earned all that money on his own; Evelyn seems pretty capable. There are some lawyers in the episode.

>> How should fans prepare themselves for the finale?

There’s going to be a marathon of every episode thus far. Starting at 10 a.m., Lifetime is airing every episode, leading up to the finale at 10 p.m. It’s a full day, if people can handle it. … There should be some sort of drinking game associated with this.

>> As long as fans aren’t passing out by the time the finale is on…

Yes, right. I’ll retract that. Don’t start drinking at 10 in the morning. Perhaps a tea drinking game would be better.

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HollywoodLifers, how do YOU think Devious Maids will end this season? Will Taylor survive? And which other crucial character will bite the dust? Drop a comment with your theories below!

— Andy Swift

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