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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Ken Catches An Attitude With Tim Gunn

Thu, September 19, 2013 10:36pm EDT by 16 Comments

This episode is all about ‘Project Runway’ super fans. The lucky 8 will have the ultimate ‘Runway’ experience. Read Michael Costello’s take on Season 12 Episode 10!

“Blah blah blah,” did Ken just throw shade at Tim? Oh no he better not! I hope this is the episode you’ll be going home. #Rude!!! How dare you throw shade at Tim. Oh and he talks about how he has never designed for real women? All women are real women! Even if you’re designing for models; unless he only designs for drag queens which could explain his design aesthetics.

‘Project Runway’ Season 12 Episode 10 Recap:

Designers get two days for this challenge, woohoo!!! But don’t get too excited — I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a twist.

Immediately I cannot wait to see what Helen’s model will be transformed to! She’s fierce, she’s like a cross between Miranda and Timothy. #ProjectRunwayFamily. The super fans head to the L’Oreal room and begin their fabulous makeover!

Late that night the designers head back to the Refinery Hotel. Alexander and Bradon will join Ken and Justin. And immediately Ken is being a diva and complicated.  Ken blows up… That is so uncalled for. But at this pace he won’t be sharing that room for very long.  Tantrums should be left to children; get out of the kitchen if you cant handle the heat.  The whole scene is quite comical, its hard to take him seriously when he has a facial beauty mask while yelling his lungs out.

 The next day, Tim talks with all the designers, oh and now Ken gets his own room??? WHY? Just send him home please!  Tim tells him he clearly has anger management issues.  Ouch, I’m glad he said it.

Its runway time!!

Fashion designer, Erin Fetherston is this week’s special guest judge!

Justin: She looks the same, wearing an Adele dress.

Bradon: Woah she looks older and bigger eeek, but its chic.

Alexander: Ehh its okay, cute hair.

Dom: She looks homeless , that’s not the look!

Kate: Ohh cute! She did good.

Ken: ITS TIME TO GO HOME! That’s all I have to say.

Alexandria: Cute very WalMart.



Top 3




Bottom 3




Winner: Helen! Well deserved. I am so proud of it.

Out: KEN!  Finally it’s about time this drama queen was sent back to the south. GOOD BYE!! I have never agreed more with the judge’s decisions on the winner and the loser!  

Cant wait to see which designers will make it to FASHION WEEK !

Michael Costello

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