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Adorable Girl, 3, ‘Breaks Up’ With Dad When He Won’t Buy A ‘My Little Pony’

Thu, September 19, 2013 5:10pm EDT by Kristine Kowalski 3 Comments
Courtesy of YouTube

There’s just something about those My Little Ponies. Just ask 3-year-old Adela, whose YouTube video went viral after she told her dad she wouldn’t love him anymore if he didn’t buy her a new toy. Watch the hilarious video here!

Some dads just don’t understand how important My Little Ponies are. 3-year-old Adela tried to convince her dad to buy her a new set of ponies for her collection, telling him that she just “needs” them, and developed quite an attachment to the new toys in the store aisle. This isn’t just your average kid in a toy store, though. Adela sweetly told her dad: “If I don’t get any ponies or any horses, I won’t be able to love you anymore.”

Adorable 3-Year-Old ‘Breaks Up’ With Dad In Toy Store

Adela’s dad posted a video to the YouTube channel that chronicles Adela’s funniest moments. In a video titled “My Little Pony Toy Store Extortion,” Adela’s dad captured the funny moment in the toy aisle when his daughter tried her best techniques to talking him into getting her more toys.

Not only did Adela walking around the toy aisle demanding more My Little Ponies in a completely un-bratty tone, she did it while dragging around a plastic dinosaur. Who could resist Adela’s adorable face — and those precious blonde curls?!

“There’s something about these other horsies,” Adela mused as she spotted other toy horses on the shelf, trying to convince her dad that she needed these toys in particular.

Adela Needs More My Little Ponies

So why does Adela need even more ponies? “They’re my favorite and she has a horn and he has a horn,” Adela said.

Adela’s dad has clearly pulled the “we’ll get them next time” line on her before, because she didn’t let her dad’s excuse slide. She immediately told him that she would only be able to love her mom from then on. She knows how to play the favorite parent game!

Adela’s dad narrates the video so well, talking about all the fun times, adventures, and bedtime stories they have shared together. He jokingly asked Adela: “Are you breaking up with me?” and gets a decided nod in response! He tries to laugh it off by saying, “you can’t break up with me, I’m your dad.”

“My 3-year-old daughter then, essentially, broke up with me and called me old in the middle of the toy store,” her dad captioned the video. Watch the funny interaction play out in the video below!

What do YOU think, HollyMoms? Would you give in to Adela’s My Little Pony demands?

WATCH: Adela — ‘My Little Pony Toy Store Extortion’
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— Kristine Hope Kowalski

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