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Zac Efron: The Real Reason Behind His Alleged Drug Addiction Revealed

Wed, September 18, 2013 2:24pm EDT by 8 Comments
Zac Efron Drugs

Zac, 25, is known as a squeaky-clean heartthrob — so it comes as a serious shock that he allegedly spent time in rehab. But the reason for his alleged drug addiction may surprise you even more — and has all the EXCLUSIVE details on what supposedly drove him to drugs!

Zac Efron has it all — fame, fortune and oh yeah, physical perfection. But in spite of his seemingly charmed life, Zac has been battling low self esteem! A source who revealed her EXCLUSIVE details to us said that Zac’s secret self-loathing led to his alleged drug addiction.

Zac Efron: The Real Reason Behind His Alleged Drug Addiction

Looks sure can be deceiving! Who would imagine that Zac would beat himself up for not thinking he’s good enough? But a source close to the silver screen hottie says that Zac feels like he isn’t successful enough and the resulting depression is what led to his reported stay in rehab.

“The drug problem he has been dealing with is because his career hasn’t gone the way he had strived for and intended,” the source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He really wants to be the next Leo DiCaprio and he isn’t getting those roles.” 

We think Zac’s being way too hard on himself – he was amazing in The Paperboy that premiered in Cannes with Nicole Kidman, not to mention incredibly sexy! He also has a slew of movies coming out in 2014 that we can’t wait to see!

When spoke EXCLUSIVELY to William Oswald, Founder of Summit Malibu who didn’t treat Zac but is very familiar and a expert in the world of celebrity recovery, he told us what Zac probably went through during recovery saying, “Often an addict seeks more alcohol or substances as “more” always feel better. The same holds true in recovery, that the “more” treatment an individual can participate in the better the outcome will be. A celebrity is successful. If his health is not immediately affected and noticeable and his career is at a high, how can you convince him that he has a problem?”

But thankfully Zac realized he needed help, and even after a reported relapse William Oswald also told us, “Rehab only works when the addict commits fully.  It also takes time to recover.  So often these celebrities are pressured to get back to work, or capitalize on their current fame.  Ideally, the person would commit to a year of treatment, and not do any work.  If they did that we would see a huge change.”

Is Zac Efron Tired Of Being A Heartthrob?

Ever since High School Musical, Zac has been a certifiable babe — but shockingly, it’s actually Zac’s sexy on-screen persona that drove him to allegedly use drugs, says our source.

“People still think of him as a heartthrob Disney guy rather then someone that will win an Oscar. He absolutely hates that he’s looked at like that in his career. So drugs and the wrong friends led him into that danger and a lot of depression, but thankfully he was aware of his issues and dealt with it.”

We are so glad Zac got help before it was too late!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that Zac was so unhappy with his life?

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— Written by Allison Swan with reporting by Russ Weakland

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