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‘The Newsroom’ Recap: [Spoiler] Proposes In Shocking Finale

Sun, September 15, 2013 11:01pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments
The Newsroom Recap
Courtesy of HBO

‘Election Night: Part II,’ the season two finale of ‘The Newsroom’ was full of emotional resignations, a shocking kiss and an even more shocking proposal. Warning: spoilers ahead!

With relationships brewing in the ACN office on The Newsroom, the staff were trying to focus on the 2012 election, but were distracted by Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels), Charlie Skinner (Sam Waterston) and MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer) trying to resign — leaving the whole senior staff ready to also leave the company.

To start, I’ve got to say that after a season of ups and downs and a great deal of dialogue, this was by far the best episode I’ve seen yet — and one of the best finales ever.

Will, Mac & Charlie Debate Resignation

Starting off the episode, we learn that Will, Charlie and Mac will be able to resign like they want — since ACN president, Leona Lansing (Jane Fonda) was passing the decision to her son. Her son had already told the team he wanted to let them resign.

Meanwhile, the senior staff decided that if that happens, they will all be leaving, too.

However, Charlie has an epiphany later in the episode deciding that he won’t be resigning — and he tells Will that he’s not either, because unlike others in the industry, they do the news and do it right.

Jim Finally Breaks The Silence Between Maggie & Lisa

While the staff worked overtime for election coverage, upstairs was an exclusive party — one that Lisa Lambert (Kelen Coleman) was working at and Jim Harper (John Gallagher Jr.) wasn’t made aware of.

During yet another Skype session between Jim and his girlfriend Hallie Shea (Grace Gummer), Hallie recognizes that Maggie Jordan (Alison Pill) cut her own hair — which is not a good sign. Jim takes it upon himself to ask Lisa, who still isn’t speaking to Maggie. But of course, Jim being Mr. Nice Guy, convinces Lisa that she needs to ask Maggie about her horrific experience in Uganda.

Jim finally approaches Maggie for a conversation we’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the season. He confirmed to her that even though she doesn’t believe it, she is a strong woman, and a fighter, regardless of what she thinks after feeling guilty for the loss of a little boy’s life in Uganda.

It was an emotional conversation — nostalgic even, while Maggie pointed out when she first noticed Jim. However, I’ve got a feeling that it repaired and even improved their once-deteriorated friendship, which one can only hope could rekindle a romance come next season.

Jim’s meddling actually worked, too, as the episode ends with Maggie coming face-to-face with Lisa, ready to talk.

Sloane & Don’s Twisted Love Story

Jim and Maggie’s reconciliation was just one of many we were waiting to happen.

Sloan Sabbith (Olivia Munn) was working hard through the episode to figure out who paid $1,000 for a signed copy of her book — that she actually didn’t sign. She felt bad and wanted to be sure the person who paid that got an actual signature.

After finding out that it was one person doing all the bidding, using fake character names, she did some digging. While in Don Keefer (Tom Sadolski)’s office, she realized through his posters that it was him.

Sloane stormed into the control room, while she was supposed to be on air, in one of my favorite scenes ever. Slamming her book down and signing it, we can see Don realize that she knows it was him. Storming over to him, she grabs him for passionate kiss and we can pretty much hear the celebratory cheering. She then slams the book into his chest.

So. Cute.

Will Breaks Mac’s Heart All Over Again

Naturally, the biggest cliffhanger of each episode was the story of will-they-won’t-they couple Will and Mac.

When another argument broke out between them, Will came clean about the wedding ring he showed her earlier in the season — one that he had said he’d bought for her back when they were together, and used to prove how serious he was about Mac. He admitted to her that it was actually “a practical joke,” — a phrase that understandably broke her heart.

Will claimed that he never had a ring back when they were dating, but the one he showed her earlier in the season was actually purchased and returned that day.

But we knew that wasn’t true, since we watched him put the ring in his desk a few episodes back.

Will & Mac: Could They Live Happily Ever After?

During a chat with Charlie, Will realizes that the ring is still in his desk for a reason. Running into the studio, he grabs Mac, pulls her into a private space, and pulls the ring out in the most adorable rambling proposal we’ve ever seen. Much to his surprise, she says “yes,” followed by what we were all thinking — “It took you long enough.”

For the first time in the series we finally see Will and Mac kiss. It was the moment we’d been waiting for since the show began.

However, it was worth the wait. Will and Mac come storming into the newsroom, interrupting everyone’s night.

“No one’s resigning, and the only reason you need is because I said so,” Will starts. He then tries to introduce Mac as Mrs. MacKenzie McAvoy which sounds like a hot mess, but results in the whole staff celebrating and cheering.

It’s seriously the perfect ending — cigars and champagne (good thing they just happened to have them lying around), election coverage, and friendships and relationships rekindled. Sloane smirks and Don, MacKenzie plays with her new ring, and Maggie clicks a breaking news alert, the way she first noticed Jim. Please let that be foreshadowing.

Overall, it made me super anxious for season three, and I adored the finale.

What did you think of the episode, HollywoodLifers? Let me know!

— Emily Longeretta

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