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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Heidi Sends The Bottom 3 Designers Back To Work

Thu, September 12, 2013 10:31pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 6 Comments
Project Runway
Courtesy of Lifetime

So many twists and turns delighted and shocked viewers on episode nine of ‘Project Runway’ — and designer Michael Costello is sharing his hilarious take on the episode right here. Read on for the recap!

We’re getting close to the end! Competition is getting tighter…. OH WAIT. Heidi just gave the designers the morning off! What is wrong with this scene? The crew enjoys a delicious, (and relaxing!), brunch — and then Tim Gunn shows up! IT’S TIME TO WORK.

‘Project Runway’ Recap: Season 12 Episode 9

This week the challenge is to design for the modern southern woman. Ken should be familiarized with this woman given his southern roots. She dresses vibrantly and expressively. They can create a day look or an evening outfit. I pick evening, of course! My model would be going to the ultimate Southern Ball. After sketching, the designers head to my favorite place in the world: MOOD!

Alexander and Bradon have very similar plaids; is one of them doomed to go home? The stakes just got higher; the wining look will be sold at Belk stores! WOW that’s a great prize to win.

Ken’s dress is looking very chic, cant wait to see the final dress. Helen’s gown is beautiful — until she threw over that white lace! Alexandria’s dress is looking very boho chic, ummm maybe her girl is a southern hippy. Tim Gunn whips her into shape and I hope she can turn it around. Go home if you can’t handle the heat!

Ken gets a call home to his mom…. UMMM that’s not fair, why does he get a call home? Oh maybe because the producers don’t want him to have another outburst. We all know he is a drama queen!

I am not feeling Bradon’s dress, I’m scared for him again…. Alexander’s dress is coming out rather cute, I am not a plaid person but I am totally feeling it on his dress.

Runway Time:

Alexander: Cute, I would have liked it a bit shorter.
Bradon: I love the asymmetrical hemline but the plaid is not my favorite.
Dom: I LOVE the movement, the colors? Umm not so much. Dusty!
Helen: Very cute actually, love the yellow
Alexandria: Ummm hello goodwill dress.
Ken: SHUT IT DOWN! Safe but perfect for a southern girl.
Kate: Obsessed!!! Bright, cute, and modern. I love it!
Justin: Easy, breezy, beautiful
Jeremy: Marshall’s rack! Cool jacket but poor style lines.

The Top Three:

Bradon: Heidi loves the hem line, “would love to rock this dress!” Zac Posen said it looks fresh — wow, I’m impressed the judges like it.
Kate: All the judges expect Heidi loved it.
Alexander: Fun, sexy silhouette and fun!

The Bottom Three:

Jeremy: “It does not look modern,” Heidi says. “Casino jacket,” ouch! Zac told him exactly how he was feeling.
Ken: “Unflattering,” says Heidi. “Safe design,” Nina Garcia comments. Ouch! No one was excited to see his dress.
Dom: “Not fashion forward,” Heidi.

Bradon wins the challenge; I’m shocked and happy for him.


For the first time in Project Runway history, the bottom three designers have one more hour and the help of a fellow designer for a second chance.

Jeremy and Alexander
Dom and Helen
Ken and Kate, (which sounds like a reality show)

The designers are using the judges’ critiques and are making the most the 60 minutes.

New Looks:
Ken: Cute! The first thing that popped in my head was Winsor’s. Hem looks raw
Dom: I LOVE the movement, so chic
Jeremy: Wow a much younger look. Much better than his first look.

Dom wins the second challenge and her dress will also be made and sold for Belk.

Out: Jeremy — that makes me very sad, Ken should have gone home.

This episode was crazy. I loved the new twist of the bottom three designers getting an extra hour to redesign their dresses. This season’s Project Runway continues to impress me with new twist — and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season will unravel.

Michael Costello
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