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Robin Quivers: You Are So Brave For Revealing Your Cancer Battle

Tue, September 10, 2013 1:57pm EDT by 2 Comments
Robin Quivers Cancer
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Robin, the extreme courage you have shown in the face of such a hard time is admirable and brave. By publicly telling your listeners about your cancer battle and chemotherapy, you have inspired others to be unafraid and to put an optimistic face on in deeply emotional times.

Robin Quivers, you are one admirable woman. Being Howard Stern‘s longtime co-host on The Howard Stern Show shows you have a wonderful sense of humor, know how to take a joke and speak your mind. We missed you when you physically took a year’s absence on the show, and now that we know why, we are so proud of you for opening up to tell everyone that you beat cancer after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

Robin, You’re So Strong For Revealing The Truth To Your Fans

Robin, we know how strong you are and love your sense of humor and truthful personality, drawing thousands of people to listen to you and Howard battle it out for over 20 years. We heard when you got a breast reduction, when you went through breakups and drew criticism from numerous people about the show, but you never wavered. We knew you were brave then — and we aren’t surprised that you continued to be brave throughout the darkest of times.

The confusion and then acceptance of your life-threatening situation were terrifying, taking a toll on you and so many close to you. Howard said on Sept. 9 that he had begun to plan funeral arrangements and thought you were a goner. However, you said that there was never any doubt in her mind that this wasn’t curable.

You had the utmost hope for beating cancer, and went through with chemo treatments and radiation for a year without missing more than 3 shows. By scheduling your treatments around the show’s breaks, working on air, never complaining and wanting to do your job even though you were getting chemo, you showed cancer that you were beating it and that you have such a strong will. You felt even better after getting treatments and relished going out to dinner and to Broadway shows when you felt well enough to. Your spirit, optimism and bravery got you through this.

Wanting to keep chemotherapy private is completely understandable. It’s hard to talk about, and you wouldn’t want tons of people to pressure you or give you unsolicited advice. But when you were ready to step forward on Sept. 9, we were so thankful and grateful that you did.

Robin, You Have Inspired Many To Not Be Afraid

Robin, you have truly connected with millions of people by coming out about your cancer battle. By tweeting “So amazing the out pouring of love felt over the last 2 days. Thank you all,” you have shown so many people that there is a truly human connection between us all, no matter who we are or where we live, and that illnesses know no bounds.

By making your story public, so many people called in to the show and thanked you for sharing, let you know you made a difference in their lives, and wished you the best now that you have beat cancer and can go forward with a healthy life. Hundreds of people tweeted you, letting them know they were on your side and rooting for you.

We’re so looking forward to the cookbook that Howard said you will be coming out with soon about healthy recipes with vegetables. We love that you are continuing to push for a completely healthy lifestyle and are so happy that you are ok — but your optimism and bravery got you through!

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— Ivy Jacobson


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