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Michael C. Hall: The Brain Surgeon Is Dexter’s Most ‘Formidable’ Enemy

Sun, September 8, 2013 5:47pm EDT by 2 Comments
Dexter Brain Surgeon
Courtesy of Showtime

‘Dexter’ is coming to an end (just three episodes left!), and for the first time it appears our favorite serial killer may not be in control of his fate. sat down with the star of the show, who explained why this season’s villain could be the one to take Dex down. SPOILERS AHEAD!

In the ninth episode of Dexter’s eight and final season, we saw how Dexter (Michael C. Hall) underestimated his enemy the Brain Surgeon. With the entire series nearing an end, Michael tells exactly why the Surgeon could be Dexter’s most vicious foe.

Michael C. Hall On Dexter’s Latest Enemy

First of all, Michael explains that the Brain Surgeon’s (Darri Ingolfssoninitial mysteriousness is what sets up such a tense dynamic in the show: “He’s faceless, you know? We don’t know who he is and we thought for a moment we discovered who he was but it wasn’t him.”

But once the Brain Surgeon was revealed to be Oliver Saxon, or Daniel Vogel, the oldest psychotic son of Dexter’s spiritual mother Dr. Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), that’s when he really became the show’s scariest villain.

“He’s certainly formidable as much as he seemingly has a personal ax to grind against Dexter,” Michael says. “He’s more intimate that way.”

Dexter & The Brain Surgeon Have More In Common Than You Think

And interestingly enough, the Brain Surgeon actually represents the dark side of Dexter, as Michael explains:

The first rule of the code is don’t get caught but the flip side of that coin is the desire to show the world what Dexter can do. And be either celebrated or feared or some combination of both for his formidable skills. And just like Dexter was captivated by the Ice Truck Killer, I think the Brain Surgeon’s ability to leave on display his handiwork is something that entices Dexter and something that represents some shadow side of who he’s always wanted to be. And because of other concerns never can be, never will be.

That’s some next-level stuff right there, and just more proof of how deep the show is digging into Dexter’s psyche this season before it all ends. Michael didn’t tell us how it all plays out (unfortunately!), but with a showdown between Dexter and the Brain Surgeon looming, we know we’re all in for some fireworks.

The tenth episode of Dexter premieres tonight, Sept. 8, on Showtime at 9 p.m. ET. Will you be watching?

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— Andrew Gruttadaro

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