‘Project Runway’ Recap: Designers Compete In An Obstacle Course

Thu, September 5, 2013 10:31pm EST by 11 Comments
Project Runway
Courtesy Of Lifetime

In the midst of Fashion Week, designer Michael Costello shared his hysterical recap on episode 8 — read on to see what he thought of the latest episode!

Once again I am surprised by the beginning of the challenges! I am loving Project Runway’s new twists! This week its all about EXERCISE! This week challenge designers must create performance wear that is fashionable! The winning design will be sold at the New Balance store and sold at their website — how cool!

‘Project Runway’ Season 12 Episode 8 Recap — Michael Kors Returns:

But as you know, nothing is that simple. In order to get their fabric, the designers must first go through the Project Runway obstacle course, which consisted of a three-legged race, a tire run and wheel barrel races — until they had to dig through a rag pool for a flag! The winning team gets one extra hour and they get to choose their fabric first — the steaks are certainly high.

Now it’s time to team up and Karen and Ken are a team — wow, talk about total opposites. Bradon and Helen, they look like the ultimate team. Bradon and Helen had a major lead until they realized they forgot a step and had to go back…Dom and Justin WIN!

We’re back in the showroom and the drama begins! Ohhhh my favorite part! Bitchy Ken is back. Helen asked Tim a question regarding clothes in the showroom but won’t repeat the answer to the other designers. Ken makes a big idea about it, call her shady. “Its Sandro part two,” Helen said — and I died! That is hilarious because frankly Ken is also a ticking bomb. Helen leaves the showroom and claims she doesn’t want to be stabbed on Project Runway! Meanwhile Ken calls his spiritual leader to calm himself down. REALLY?! It’s not that big of a deal. He should really just go to anger management therapy session(s) already.

Heidi Klum In The Workroom:

After talking with Tim, Ken apologizes to Helen and they move on? I doubt that from Ken. He seems like the ultimate drama queen. Heidi joins Tim to see how the designers are doing on their designs.

Heidi tells Karen her outfit is a green martian! Ouch — but I loved Heidi’s reaction and commentary. So Karen basically has four hours to restart. Ummmm is Karen going home this week? Ken’s outfit looked a bit tragic and Heidi said it looked like a scuba outfit. Haha!

Runway Time:

Now there’s 30 minutes until the runway! All the designers put their finishing touches on their work and get ready to hit the runway. This week’s guest judge is Michael Kors and it feels like old times! Oh how I miss him and the team.

Let’s begin the runway! Now since I am all about evening wear I am curious to see if I will love ANY of these looks.

Kate: Umm she looks active, I LIKE the pop of red!
Bradon: Ohhh I love the detailed piping and style lines! I want that workout outfit!
Alexandria: Boring, forgettable.
Helen: I love the movement of the mesh jacket.
Dom: Not sure — it looks cool but a bit like student work?
Justin: I love the tailoring minus the butt cheeks hanging out.
Ken: Ummmmm Walmart?
Jeremy: Cute, lulu lemon worthy…. Cute I guess
Karen: Cute for four hours
Alexander: I like the color blocking, cute!

The Top Three:
Kate: Mesh contrast with a zipper in the back. “Polished, you’re thinking about function. “- Zac. All the judges loved her look.

Alexander: The fact that there are no side seams is pretty cool. Nina and Michael Kors aren’t feeling his look. Michael said it looks like it could be on a sales rack. OUCH! Ultimate insult! At least it got to a store.

Helen: “A jacket that covers the ass and the thighs I love!” – Nina. Michael Kors calls it a perfect hybrid.

The Bottom Three:

Ken: “TOO SAFE” — the scuba suit came up again. Michael paired his look on the same sales rack that Alexander’s look would be in.

Alexandria: Umm we saw those pants in already. Those t-shirt cuts look tragic. I’m glad all the judges agreed. Heidi loved the poopy pants.

Karen: Major missed opportunity. Even though it looks a lot better than her original deigns it’s still tragic.

Winner: Helen! SO proud of her. Nina put in an order already! Aw, too cute.
OUT: Karen! I was hoping Ken would be the one to go home. BYE KAREN!!! No sex appeal and frankly it was time for her to go home.

Until next time, but now I’ve gotta get back to Fashion Week! I have a show to produce!

Michael Costello
Check out Michael Costello Couture, follow me on Twitter @michealcostello, and Facebook and Tweet with me every Thursday during Project Runway Season 12!

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belinda gordon

Posted at 12:43 PM on September 7, 2013  

dear michael. the STEAKS are high? that would be STAKES are high. steaks are meat cut off a cow and then cooked and eaten. STAKES are things with which you tie tomatoe plants up, kill vampires, or use as a metaphorical reference point for some goal.

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Wendy Marciante

Posted at 11:33 PM on September 6, 2013  

Tonight Michael Kors, in his position as a revered judge on Project Runway, had the kahunas to say while describing two different athletic outfits presented by contestants:

“You look like a fat chick getting a cookie”

“Men will leave you alone if you wear that outfit to the gym”

I’m appalled that (1) he said these things and (2) Heidi Klum (Executive Producer) is too flipping stupid to not edit this from the aired show.

Shame on all of you. What a horrible message to send to the entire planet, let alone our younger generation.

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Posted at 5:26 PM on September 6, 2013  

Spiritual advisor? YOU need JESUS HIMSELF! An exorcism to beat the demons would be right.
ANd he talks so much smack…and can never back it up with his ill fitted, tacky outfits.
He’s NEXT! AUF….

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Posted at 12:52 PM on September 6, 2013  

HI HL Intern,

For copyedits, it’s

– It’s all about exercise
– In this week’s challenge, the designers…
– it’s “stakes” not “steaks”

and a whole bunch of other edits that HL is not paying for me to find.

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guilty watcher/reader

Posted at 6:13 PM on September 6, 2013  

Thank you! I almost couldn’t read past “steaks” instead of “stakes”! This is supposed to be my escape from real life and it just reminded me how many incompetent people I have to deal with every day.

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Posted at 11:24 AM on September 6, 2013  

I loved Helen’t jacket, but the shirt was so awful that she didn’t deserve to win. Kate had 3 well made attractive pieces and she should have won this week.

I think that Karen should have kept her original top. With a little tweaking and turning it into a full top instead of the bra top then a simple pair of black tights with a little piping it would have at least been safe. She could have even made the loose fitting pants with the green / black top. Heidi really threw her a curve ball and she didn’t handle it well at all.

On the other hand, Karen’s look was rushed following a bad critique, but Ken designed that fat suit thinking he was making something fashionable. He should have went home instead.

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Posted at 8:19 AM on September 6, 2013  

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Posted at 6:53 AM on September 6, 2013  

Seemed to me that Tim gunn was babying ken a little too much. Ke
n was being ugly to Karen, he should have been invited to leave.

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Posted at 11:15 AM on September 6, 2013  

Agreed! Ken is a bully and he should have went home weeks ago

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Posted at 2:11 AM on September 6, 2013  

I agree with virtually everything Michael had to say!

I am REALLY annoyed with Ken. He seems to feel entitled to order other people to shut up and respect him, while he says whatever mean, nasty thing he can think of, to them. Then, he says that no one should judge because they don’t know what that person might be going through but, once again, he seems to think that applies to everyone else, but not to him. I guess it bothers me more due to the fact that my husband of 27 years was the same way. I can’t think of any time they’ve eliminated anyone JUST for bad behavior, but Ken’s designs aren’t that great, either. There have been several hot heads over the years whose talent was enough to keep them there.

I wouldn’t have given the win to Helen over Kate. I actually liked Bradon’s the best, although they would probably look horrible on anything but a great body.

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Posted at 11:06 PM on September 5, 2013  

did she fell into barbed wire?

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