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Six Things You Never Knew About ‘Blurred Lines’ Star Emily Ratajkowski

Thu, September 5, 2013 2:48pm EDT by Russ Weakland 2 Comments
Blurred Lines Model Emily Ratajkowski
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Playboy

Everyone is familiar with the amazing ‘Blurred Lines’ video that features quite possibly the most gorgeous woman on earth, Emily Ratajkowski. Now has learned EXCLUSIVELY six things about the absolute stunning beauty!

Once you see the video for Robin Thicke‘s ‘Blurred Lines’ you can never get the song or the video out of your head. It is pretty much the perfect storm! And thanks to the AXE Black Chill collection and the Playboy “Kick Ass 2” party at Comic-Con we got to speak with the most stunning girl on the planet, Emily Ratajkowski! Check out all we learned after the jump!

Six Things You Never Knew About ‘Blurred Lines’ Model, Emily Ratajkowski

When had the chance to speak to Emily Ratajkowski at the  launch of the new AXE Black Chill collection at Comic-Con, AXE produced a surprise, live-action stunt at the Playboy “Kick Ass 2” party that brought one of the hottest fan boy topics – the evolution of comic book heroines through the decades – to life. Soaring across zip lines 40 feet above the star-studded crowd, super heroines from the Gold, Silver and Bronze Ages, were literally on fire as they flew through the air, battling evil in awesome fight scenes and impressive era costumes.

The AXE Black Chill collection is designed to help guys keep their cool, even as leading ladies from video games, sports, movies, and all areas of guys’ lives continue to get hotter and hotter.

And what is more hot then Emily, take a look at what we learned from her when we had the chance to speak to her. She actually told us more then six things! Pretty exciting stuff!

Your career has been great, but now after this video, its been greater. What has been the best part after this video came out for your career? What showed you that you were now famous?

ER – “I think the first indication I knew it was something is when I saw the Gifs on Tumblr… It was one of those things were I was like, well that is cool. Then it was something that was done 20 thousand plus times! That was obviously an indicator! Then I have been on the street and people have called my name as they know me and they have asked for my autograph. So it has been a really cool couple months and the whole experience has been cool and it is so cool to have that support.”

Is there anyone you don’t want to have see the video?

ER – “No! You know anybody can see it and I am pretty sure everyone has… My parents and my aunts and uncles. I don’t think my grandpa has seen it but he is 101! That might be a stretch for him.”
Well if you want him to make 102, it might be good to not show him or his heart will fail. Ours almost did…
ER – “Well I am not ashamed, I think it is a celebration of women’s bodies and it is alot of fun!”
This video will open more doors in modeling, hosting and acting. What would you like to see come from it?
ER – “One thing that I love about the video is that they have found different aspects from it that they have found and like about it. I think film people have said that she looks good on film. So that is a plus! And for modeling, it has shown in the fashion industry a few things and they have been knocking on my door. I have been making some amazing meetings and auditions, so there is now a lot to look forward to, you’ll have to stay tuned!”
Who would be your dream leading man? 
ER – “You might think this is funny! I have this huge thing for Jon Hamm! He is my crush, I have a huge crush on him!

I think you are not alone..

ER –  “I don’t know… I saw him in a restaurant once and I don’t get nervous about anyone and I was sweating bullets and I couldn’t make eye contact! He is a dream boat!”

Obviously its in your genes, but what do you say about dieting and working out to stay in such spectacular shape?

ER – “You know… I think its very important to live a very healthy lifestyle… Don’t deny yourself things, I mean you should live your life and enjoy food. But you should walk a lot. That is really important, do Yoga, go on hikes. I think its best to take things naturally with a little twist to make sure what works on your specific body is the right thing!”
So HollywoodLifers, What do you think of Emily Ratajkowski? We think she is a knockout!

WATCH: Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ Video With Emily Ratajkowski
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— Russ Weakland

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