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Get Jennifer Aniston’s Flawless, Even Skin — Expert Advice

Fri, August 30, 2013 12:33pm EDT by 6 Comments
Jennifer Aniston Skin

Over the years, your skin is more prone to discoloration due to factors like acne scars and the suns harmful rays. Jennifer Aniston has always maintained her flawless skin — and we are totally jealous! Dermatologist Dr. Bowe gave the scoop on how to even out skin tone and get rid of those annoying acne scars!

Jennifer Aniston has a perfect complexion with a beautiful even skin tone. How has managed to avoid discoloration? Read on for expert advice from New York-based dermatologist, Dr. Bowe, on how you can get rid of dark spots to create a healthy looking even skin tone!

How To Get Rid Of Discoloration – -Expert Advice From Dermatologist Dr. Bowe

Getting rid of blemishes is only half the battle. Acne marks can leave dark spots that last months! Dr. Bowe tells us how you can get rid of those spots faster to even out your skin tone:

First, it’s critical to differentiate between acne marks and acne scars. After a pimple goes away, it can leave a red or a brown mark that can last for months! Many of these marks will eventually go away, so they’re not considered true scars. To speed their resolution, try Clean & Clear Advantage Mark Treatment, which contains glycolic acid, an ingredient known to promote gentle surface skin turnover and help even out skin tone.

Sometimes, acne can leave scars that last many years! Dr. Bowe offers advice how to get rid of deep scars:

True scars can be treated with lasers such as Fraxel, fillers such as Restylane or Belotero Balance, and even minor surgeries involving the removal of deep scars and suturing the remaining healthy skin together.

Banish Undereye Circles — Expert Tips

Another form of “dark spots” that nobody wants in their lives is dark under-eye circles! Thankfully, Dr. Bowe knows exactly how to get rid of these unnecessary circles.

Sometimes the darkness is caused by shadows, in which case a filler, such as Restylane or Juvederm can be placed in the area beneath the eye called the tear trough. If the darkness is caused by a stain more than a shadow, then ingredients such as retinol, green tea and niacinamide can help brighten the skin over time.

Having an over-all uneven skin tone is not unusual, but it is definitely treatable!

Glycolic acid chemical peels combined with an at-home retinol serum nightly will work wonders to even out skin tone. For a faster and even more dramatic improvement, ask your dermatologists about a fractionated resurfacing laser that can give your skin a gorgeous glow with minimal downtime.”

Thanks Dr. Bowe for your amazing advice! Will YOU try out her advice for evening our your skin tone? Let us know, HollywoodLifers!

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— Shira Benozilio

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