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Sarah Murnaghan Returns Home After Fighting For Adult Lung Transplant

Wed, August 28, 2013 10:29am EDT by Chris Rogers 2 Comments
Sarah Murnaghan Returns Home

So inspiring. Sarah, 11, has returned home after spending six months in a hospital, where she fought for her life and successfully underwent a lung transplant. Keep reading for all the details!

Sarah Murnaghan, who was dying from cystic fibrosis but successfully underwent an adult lung transplant, returned home to Newtown Square, Pennsylvania on Aug. 27 after spending six months in a hospital. The miraculous procedure came after her parents, Janet and Fran, fought for legislation to allow their daughter to acquire a new set of lungs from an adult organ donor list.

Sarah Murnaghan Returns Home — Girl Leaves Hospital After Adult Lung Transplant

“She just wanted to be with her brothers and sister,” Janet told reporters on Aug. 27. “I mean, she really just wants to be with her family. It’s been hard.”

We can’t imagine what Sarah or her family are going through.

Sarah suffers from cystic fibrosis. “It’s a disease that’s really demanding — … it takes everything from the minute you’re diagnosed until you’re at the point where Sarah is at,” her mother said. “She’s spent her whole life fighting. It’s just a different mentality than your average kid.”

The disease often affects sufferers’ lungs, pancreas, intestines, liver, sinuses and sex organs.

Sarah Murnaghan’s Ongoing Recovery

Sarah’s family was relieved and thrilled that their little girl got her lungs just in time. Before her transplant in June, Sarah’s parents were told their daughter only had five weeks to live. Following the successful surgery, a source close to Sarah’s family told EXCLUSIVELY:

Now that she is out of surgery, there is a long road ahead for recovery, but they are thrilled beyond belief that there daughter had a tremendously successful surgery and the outlook on everything looks spectacular! The doctors have been amazing and did an incredible procedure and saved her life!

The family had ”tears of joy [following the transplant], and [they believe] in miracles!” Now, we can say we do too!

“The lungs are doing fabulous. She’s weaned off the oxygen,” Sarah’s mother said. “But she has the tracheotomy, (which) is helping her breath… They just can’t do it by themselves yet.”

Sarah will head off to rehab several times a week. She’ll also start school the week of Sept. 9. If all goes well, things will continue to progress!

“Each day, she gets stronger,” Fran said. “We’ll be doing more and more normal things.”

We’re so happy that Sarah has returned home. Do you feel the same, HollyMoms?

WATCH: Sarah Murnaghan, 11, Home After Controversial Lung Transplant
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— Chris Rogers

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