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‘Teen Mom 3’ Series Premiere Recap: [Spoiler] Receives Shocking Proposal

Tue, August 27, 2013 12:01am EDT by Kristine Kowalski 2 Comments
Teen Mom 3 Recap
Courtesy of MTV

The 2-hour series premiere of ‘Teen Mom 3’ introduced a whole new crop of teen moms — and a lot of family drama! Find out what happened in the Aug. 26 double episode right here!

Teen Mom 3 premiered on Aug. 26 — and the show kicked off with a special two hour premiere. Twice the babies, twice the mamas, and twice the drama! We meet the moms several months after they gave birth to their darling children — and the ladies are finding out that motherhood isn’t an easy job. As the moms struggle to balance jobs, school, and their relationships, things get tough!

Briana DeJesus Serves Ex Devoin Austin Court Order

Briana DeJesus opened the show with a major bombshell — her older sister Brittany was pregnant at the same time that she got pregnant but ultimately decided to get an abortion, making Briana’s decision to keep her daughter Nova that much more difficult. In her darkest moments, Briana reflects on how her life would have been different if she had an abortion as well.

Briana and her mother and sister grew so much closer together over their first few months with Nova. Even with her family’s support, Briana revealed that she still feels all alone. She won’t let her daughter’s father Devoin Austin be a “sometimes dad.” Devoin started trash talking Briana online after she did not put his name on Nova’s birth certificate or give her his last name. Not letting him get away with the cyberbullying, Briana took action to get court ordered protection from Devoin.

Briana eventually decides to drop her protective court order against Devoin in attempts to be civil for the sake of their daughter — regardless of her own emotions about him.

Katie Yeager’s Boyfriend Joey Proposes

Katie Yeager gave up her dream of going to college in Denver with her best friend when she got pregnant. She took on a part time job and started taking online college classes to get her education. Her boyfriend Joey Maes worked at the dangerous coal mines, a major source of Katie’s anxiety.

When Joey dented the pair’s shared car, Katie worried that the next thing he would break without a care is Molli. Joey quickly realized that to keep Katie happy, he needs to pay closer attention to what she needs. He organized an elaborate proposal at dinner — even putting the ring in a piece of cheesecake!

And Katie said yes!

Mackenzie Douthit Invites Josh McKee To Move In With Her

Cheerleader Mackenzie Douthit decided that after she got pregnant with her son Gannon, she and her boyfriend Josh McKee couldn’t afford to be reckless anymore — and that means Josh giving up his beloved pastime of rodeoing.

Though she and Josh got engaged and planned to get married after high school graduation, the pair started clashing at their two year anniversary together. Mackenzie found her guy avoiding eye contact and starting fights. After days of the silent treatment, Josh revealed to his bros that he actually does love Mackenzie — and it’s not just the baby keeping him around. Mackenzie’s whole depressed mood gets flipped around when she gets a sweet text from Josh.

Mackenzie decided to convince her parents to let Josh move in with their family to allow the couple to grow closer as parents and share responsibilities with their son. Josh preferred to make it on his own rather than moving from his own parents’ home to Mackenzie’s, but he considered the move anyway.

Alex Sekella Suspects Matt McCann Of Using Drugs Near Daughter

Alex Sekella planned on putting her baby up for adoption, but couldn’t go through with it when her daughter Arabella was born. Her daughter’s father Matt McCann got deeper into his struggle with drugs and finally Alex couldn’t keep up with it anymore. Matt went to rehab for two months for the sake of his family, and when he got out he came to Alex’s home to live. Even with Alex’s mom’s rules, the living situation doesn’t work out.

“You want to know my honest opinion?” asks Alex’s mom, Wendy. “I give it a week.”

Matt reveals that he is not the same person he was when he met Alex two years earlier — and that he has no desire to ever be that way again. He told Alex that the only person to ever possibly see him that way again would be tiny Arabella. Alex was scared at the thought of raising her daughter without Matt.

Alex has a major moment with Matt when he insists on going to dinner in a part of town that he used to buy drugs in. After giving him money to buy food with, Alex accuses him of coming up short with the change — and says he’s stealing small amounts of money to “feed his habit.”

Alex struggles to keep up with the assignments that she needs in order to complete her high school diploma or GED, but Matt goes off and enjoys himself with his buddies whenever he can.

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— Kristine Hope Kowalski

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