Robert Pattinson: ‘Twilight’ Fans Still Cling To My Kristen Stewart Romance

Fri, August 23, 2013 8:20pm EST by 318 Comments
Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Twilight Romance
Courtesy of Twilight Productions

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Rachele Riley

Posted at 3:19 PM on October 18, 2014  

I think the reason it’s still so hard for the “TWI-HARD” series fans to let go of the this in-love and relationship that these two share on screen so well, is that Rob & Kristen obviously have amazing chemistry/connection between them which if you think about that it its absolutely necessary between two actors in especially filming a “love story”. However for the audience, seeing them progress over time throughout 5 films, it tends to stick in our minds as something so real and I’m sure for the actors themselves as well. When in reality they’re actors doing just that “ACTING” in a movie. Now in this particular situation between Rob & Kristen they had an on/off screen romance/fling if you will, that hadn’t managed to make it much farther than the series finally. Which we all know who messed that up, so I guess she wasn’t truly ” in love” with Rob LOL! Actors always seem to fall in/out of love while on set and filming together. For us movie lovers its always that when a on-screen romance takes place we go crazy about the details becz of how well we feel their interacting with each other and lets face it we love hearing about actors falling in love also off screen. We tend to always look at the on-screen connection they share and we feel that need or urge of wishing this experience that we are watching happen on-screen, the dynamic of the same love we see they so clearly have for one another ( he’s the dreamy vampire guy who falls in love with the “ordinary girl” and manages not to kill her because of the love they share and can’t be without) was actually happening to us and so now we fall “in love” with him too LOL! Really quick please now that I’m in no way trying to bash/talk badly about the “twilight novels”, I am only speaking in reference to the movies, I am a huge Stephenie Meyers book fan. Now this is kinda a little off the main subject but I figured since I’m talking about Robert Pattinson and “twilight” that this would be an appropriate time to also voice my opinion about another matter. So here it goes; now back to Rob who doesn’t seem to have made many other “love films” or “brilliant films” that have been so amazing you feel that need to watch them again and again since he starred in “twilight”. The only other decent films he has been in; i feel are “remember me” & “water for elephants” as well as “bel ami” (he has been is others but none that I really feel are worth talking about). Rob has picked some of the most poorly rated films since finishing the “twilight saga”, which for me has been a huge disappointment! I could careless if he ever makes another “love story” film again if I’m being completely honest; It would just be exciting to watch him film something that’s worth a @#%^! I don’t think that it would have really mattered if he could act or not for his role in “twilight” because he’s was really just there to make all girls/women giddy for a lack of better words! Since “twilight” I’ve chosen to follow Rob’s career an his other projects before an after, not because of the normal response like, “he’s so hot…blah blah blah; but mostly because I really wanted to see his potential in any genre of film to see if he was able to once again capture the minds and hearts of his audience and push far beyond anything we have already seen. AND AGAIN THIS IS JUST SIMPLY MY PERSONAL OPINION, but I have yet to really appreciate his acting or for that matter the film choices in the past few years other than the films I have listed above. He has chosen films in which I’m sure to be done with the “twilight frenzy” and really who could blame him there, however he’s already now well established his career as a young, handsome and talented actor but in this process has chosen films that are just crap and anyone should be so lucky if they can stand to even make it to “the end”. So I am always hoping to Rob act in a movie or several movies that take him to the “AWARD WINNING Rob” for the near future making hopefully some all around better movies with amazing plots/storyline, etc! And if nothing else I would really like to see Rob’s music out-there in movies and on shelves for his foreseeable future! I know that rob has an amazing gift of making beautiful music and maybe this will help him get out of his film disasters. And maybe just maybe spending some time musically will center rob, re-energize him to then make some future films that are worth something and show his potential! If not than, well at least he’ll always have “twilight” under his belt!

I am just going to apologize now to whom ever may read this post now because I’m certain that my opinion is going to piss off others. I just cannot help what I feel and really I am super disappointed time and time again lately with his film choices! Yup I think that’s it for me…

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Posted at 12:21 AM on October 3, 2013  

It was not the movies twilight It was the love I seen between Robert and Kristen, And not Edward and Bella. Now you are getting ugly

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Posted at 3:16 PM on September 3, 2013  

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