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‘Project Runway’ Recap: The Designers Go Camping & Tim Uses His Save

Thu, August 22, 2013 10:31pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 6 Comments
Project Runway Recap
Courtesy of Lifetime

Camping? More like glamping! For the first time ever the designers are treated to a camping trip — and it serves up a refreshing dose of fun! ‘Girls’ star Allison Williams is on hand to guest judge and Tim finally uses his save!

The episode kicks off with Tim Gunn wearing a camouflage suit — based on his attire, it’s clear that something is definitely up! Heidi announces that they’re both dressed for the outdoors — it’s time to take the designers out of the concrete jungle! For the first time ever the contestants are going on a camping trip — and we can’t wait to see what happens.

Project Runway Recap: Designers Go Camping:

Don’t worry though, it’s not your typical camping experience — it’s a “glamping” experience, according to Tim Gunn. We’re thinking outdoors chic. The contestants pack and try to come up with their most appropriate glamping attire and they are transported to a serene camping location, where the designers will get to de-stress with fun, outdoor activities like rafting and zip-lining.

Tim explains that their task isn’t to create a camping outfit — it’s to create a high-fashion, editorial, ‘glamping,’ ensemble! After their day in the woods, they will be taken to Mood and will have one day to create the perfect look.

Alexandria is super depressed and decides to sulk on her own while the rest of the designers are in great spirits and can’t wait to dive into the activities. The day of fun allows the contestants to really enjoy one another’s company — and believe it or not, they actually seem to get along quite well!

The trip seems to restore Alexandria’s spirits, and we’re happy to see that she’s in a better mood and feeling refreshed — she’s ready to dive right back in.

In The Workroom:

After their trip to Mood, all the contestants start to feel the pressure as the hours quickly slip by.

Tim pops into the workroom and while some outfits are impressive, other looks leave him really confused — especially Bradon’s get-up.

Tim proclaims this is the most excited he has ever been after a workroom visit — that must be a good sign!

The Elimination Round:

While Karen thinks her billowing ombre frock is fantastic, the judges declare it a big old mess — right down to the styling and the hair and makeup!

Jeremy translating a love letter on a bias-cut gown is pure perfection — and the judges can’t get enough of it. Honestly, who could blame them? Everything about this dress is flawless — and it’s remarkable that he was able to create it under such a time crunch.

Alexandria is all smiles when the judges praise her design. From the styling to the construction and the draping, they are so impressed. It looks like the trip outdoors is exactly what she needed to get back on track. Not only is she in the top, but she’s the winner of the challenge!

Although Justin went out of his comfort zone, his design came in last — and he packed his bags to go home. The remaining contestants, (including Karen, who was in the bottom), is heartbroken over the results. Heidi calls him an inspiration — and we’re sad to see him go.

Justin has a very emotional goodbye with the remaining designers, and even Tim is brought to tears — and that’s when we find out that he isn’t going anywhere!

Tim decides to use his save — and Justin gets to stay!

Are you surprised that Tim decided to keep Justin in the running?

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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