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Debby Ryan Opens Up About ‘Jessie’, Her Upcoming Album & Beauty Tips

Thu, August 22, 2013 6:35pm EDT by 4 Comments
Debby Ryan New Album

The star of Disney Channel’s ‘Jessie’ tells EXCLUSIVELY all about the latest season of her show, her in-the-works album, and how she always looks so red carpet-ready! Read on for more details!

Debby Ryan, 20, truly does it all. Not only does she have her very own Disney Channel original series, Jessie, but she’s also an incredibly talented singer and songwriter — not to mention one of our favorite beauty inspirations here at We spoke to Debby EXCLUSIVELY about her busy life and all of her upcoming projects!

Debby Ryan On New Album, ‘Jessie’ & Beauty Tips — Disney Channel Star Spills

We were so excited when word broke in March that Jessie had been renewed for a third season — but Debby was even more thrilled when she found out. Debby says the news was “exciting and happy! Business Woman Debby was very proud and like, ‘Cool! I have a job!’ And then Creative Actor Debby was like, ‘Yay! This is what I love to do!'”

“This show is my heartbeat,” she adds. “We all love to be there. It’s so much fun.”

So what’s in store for Jessie this upcoming season? Debby tells us there will a big surprise for Disney fans. “Without giving too much away, we have a super cool surprise that I think you’re gonna love – not only fans of our show, but possibly fans of another show.”

Debby gave us a few more details about the surprise when she said it’s “kind of similar to how we had the Austin & Ally crossover last year.” Sounds like we can expect more crossover magic!

Relationship-wise, Debby revealed a little bit about Jessie and love interest Tony, saying, “He was the first person that she met in New York City…so is there more out there?” Overall, Debby says the season is “just this whirlwind of…drama and sort of just mayhem.”

We can’t wait!

Debby Ryan’s Upcoming Album

Debby is currently working on her debut album, which will have quite a unique sound. “You’re going to hear alternative, you’re going to hear jazz, you’re going to hear country,” Debby says.

While she may have many musical influences, the overall sound of the album is “alternative but still pop music.” Debby is even getting some help from one of her favorite bands, The Hush Sound. “I actually met and ended hanging out with Greta from the Hush Sound and she tracked piano on my record,” Debby says. The album is “coming together better than I ever could have imagined.”

Debby Ryan’s Best Beauty Tips

Debby has such a unique beauty perspective, and we couldn’t wait to get some tips from her! Debby says her best makeup tip is using concealer as eye shadow primer. “You put it on your eyelids and your eyebrows to smooth it out, just underneath your eye shadow, and it makes it glowy. It can also open up your eye a little,” Debby explains.

Debby also told us she loves to wear makeup refreshers like MAC Fix + in the summer. “Keep it in the fridge, spray it on your face. It refreshes your makeup, your face. It doesn’t absorb your makeup but also it can cool you off,” Debby says.

She’s also a huge fan of bargain beauty buys like Aquaphor (“I use it on my lips but I also use it under my eyes.”) and coco butter.

“It kind of evens my skin tone — especially if you’ve been out in the sun or you’re dried up,” Debby says.

So tell us what you think, HollywoodLifers! Are you excited for all of Debby’s upcoming projects? Let us know!

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— Sarah Hopkins

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