‘America’s Got Talent': Pitting Ruby Against D’Angelo Was Too Cruel

Thu, August 22, 2013 4:26pm EST by 10 Comments
America's Got Talent August 21
Courtesy of NBC (2)

NBC’s hit competition series took sibling rivalry to new — and, we think, totally unfair — heights this week.

America’s Got Talent has wow’d us all season with incredible act after incredible act, but the Aug. 21 elimination episode presented the darkest act of all — and this one didn’t come from any of the contestants. No, this sinister act was concocted by the show’s producers, who pit two tiny siblings against each other in front of millions of people, guaranteeing tears from one of them. And tears is exactly what we got.

Some backstory: Ruby and D’Angelo Castro are dancing siblings from Miami, Fla. They’ve been dancing their whole lives — what little lives they’ve lived, considering Ruby is 9 and D’Angelo is 12 — and they both auditioned for the current season of America’s Got Talent.

But there’s a catch: Ruby and D’Angelo aren’t dance partners. Ruby auditioned with 10-year-old Jonas Terleckas, while D’Angelo was paired with Amanda Carbajales. From the beginning, we knew that because only one team can win the competition, Ruby and Jonas would eventually be in direct competition — but we had no idea how painful it would be to watch.

Ruby Vs. D’Angelo: Did ‘AGT’ Exploit Them?

OK, jump forward to Aug. 21, when the moment of truth for the siblings finally arrived. The dancing duos stood in silent fear, waiting for host Nick Cannon to announce which sibling America loved more than the other. (Can you say therapy for life?) When Mariah Carey‘s husband finally revealed that D’Angelo and Amanda would be the ones competing in the semi-finals, Ruby burst into tears. And would you expect anything less?

I understand that the kids knew they’d be competing when they first auditioned separately, but did the producers really have to make them stand side-by-side as the results were announced? Poor Ruby looked so sad, and poor D’Angelo wasn’t even allowed to look happy about his victory. He started to smirk, though, which I appreciated in a very dark way.

We watch reality TV for intense moments, and I’m sure the producers figured they’d struck gold with this opportunity, but I think it was a major misstep.

WATCH: Ruby Vs. D’Angelo On ‘America’s Got Talent’

HollywoodLifers, how did you feel about Ruby and D’Angelo being pit against each other last night? Was it totally out of line, or did they know what they were getting into when they auditioned? Drop a comment with your thoughts below!

— Andy Swift

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Posted at 9:28 AM on August 29, 2013  

TIRED of AGT being a personal variety show for the Castro family. It’s impossible for most people to get on this show, yet him & his offspring have appeared 3 consecutive years now. Enough is enough, you’ve hit every possible loophole Mr. Castro: Take your family and please start your own show down in Florida. Clearly you like the TV time..

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Virgil Vaughn (@VirgilVaughn3)

Posted at 7:01 AM on August 24, 2013  

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Posted at 3:55 PM on August 23, 2013  

It was going to happen. What did you expect. It’s a show. They are the ones who decided to compete in the same season. They both called it a rivalry since the beginning. They are the ones. Can’t blame only the production.

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lucy pratt

Posted at 12:11 PM on August 23, 2013  

This was my first year to watch America’s Got Talent and it will be my last. I deleted it from my recordings. It is obviously fixed. Because America voted against that depressing comic, they had the judges push him through. My God, he was so much less talent than the couple. They were breath taking. There is no way he is half as talented.
I refuse to watch a fix show.

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janet graham

Posted at 12:38 PM on August 23, 2013  

Well said lucy i agree its fixed I knew when Mel B started knocking Ruby with negative comments the next noc shed b eliminated..Chloe shouldnt have gone either very talented kids prodigies..Tos kids should be on Dancing With the Stars as guests..beautiful incredibly talented dancers..Yeah to Heidi Klum shes the clean family oriented judge. Janet

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Jeanice Hays

Posted at 8:23 PM on August 28, 2013  

I totally agree.

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Posted at 11:14 AM on August 23, 2013  

I think they deliberately put Ruby and D’Angelo together so he could console her if (when) she lost. Also, who else wants to go up against a little girl and then win? You’d seem like the bad guys even though you had nothing to do with it. Slightly off topic, Ruby dances well but she is the most obnoxious little girl to appear on that show ever. Her mother should have told her to keep her mouth closed and stop making such annoying comments.

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janet graham

Posted at 12:47 PM on August 23, 2013  

Thats your opinion Claire, but I think she’s an adorable well spoken above her years but she is a little girl-one with incredible talent-her and her brother and partners..She deserved to go on but she got her spotlight and she be invited on other shows-Maybe Dancing with the Stars Those kids are 10-10-10 plus..The show is fixed the boring drab alcoholic got a stint at rehab again..Shame on u AGT for cheating those kids and Chloe Channel!!!!

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Posted at 12:50 PM on August 23, 2013  

She is well-spoken, no doubt. I’m sure both she and her brother, having been in the dance spotlight for several years now, are used to the crowds and the stage. They both have way more poise than most kids their age. I can’t imagine America voting both dance couples in and I think the right ones were chosen to go on. Maybe in a couple years Ruby and her partner will get another shot.

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Posted at 2:26 AM on August 23, 2013