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‘America’s Got Talent’: Pitting Ruby Against D’Angelo Was Too Cruel

Thu, August 22, 2013 4:26pm EDT by Andy Swift 10 Comments
America's Got Talent August 21
Courtesy of NBC (2)

NBC’s hit competition series took sibling rivalry to new — and, we think, totally unfair — heights this week.

America’s Got Talent has wow’d us all season with incredible act after incredible act, but the Aug. 21 elimination episode presented the darkest act of all — and this one didn’t come from any of the contestants. No, this sinister act was concocted by the show’s producers, who pit two tiny siblings against each other in front of millions of people, guaranteeing tears from one of them. And tears is exactly what we got.

Some backstory: Ruby and D’Angelo Castro are dancing siblings from Miami, Fla. They’ve been dancing their whole lives — what little lives they’ve lived, considering Ruby is 9 and D’Angelo is 12 — and they both auditioned for the current season of America’s Got Talent.

But there’s a catch: Ruby and D’Angelo aren’t dance partners. Ruby auditioned with 10-year-old Jonas Terleckas, while D’Angelo was paired with Amanda Carbajales. From the beginning, we knew that because only one team can win the competition, Ruby and Jonas would eventually be in direct competition — but we had no idea how painful it would be to watch.

Ruby Vs. D’Angelo: Did ‘AGT’ Exploit Them?

OK, jump forward to Aug. 21, when the moment of truth for the siblings finally arrived. The dancing duos stood in silent fear, waiting for host Nick Cannon to announce which sibling America loved more than the other. (Can you say therapy for life?) When Mariah Carey‘s husband finally revealed that D’Angelo and Amanda would be the ones competing in the semi-finals, Ruby burst into tears. And would you expect anything less?

I understand that the kids knew they’d be competing when they first auditioned separately, but did the producers really have to make them stand side-by-side as the results were announced? Poor Ruby looked so sad, and poor D’Angelo wasn’t even allowed to look happy about his victory. He started to smirk, though, which I appreciated in a very dark way.

We watch reality TV for intense moments, and I’m sure the producers figured they’d struck gold with this opportunity, but I think it was a major misstep.

WATCH: Ruby Vs. D’Angelo On ‘America’s Got Talent’

HollywoodLifers, how did you feel about Ruby and D’Angelo being pit against each other last night? Was it totally out of line, or did they know what they were getting into when they auditioned? Drop a comment with your thoughts below!

— Andy Swift

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