‘The Calling’ Singer Alex Band Survives Violent Abduction & Beating

Mon, August 19, 2013 8:53am EST by 4 Comments
Alex Band Attacked
Courtesy Twitter

Lead singer of rock band ‘The Calling’ was allegedly abducted on August 18 in Michigan, where he was beaten to a pulp and then dumped on a train track. How horrifying.

Alex Band from the band The Calling is currently recovering from an alleged extremely violent attack. The singer was walking through Lapeer, Michigan when he was snatched and taken into a van, where he was savagely beaten. He was later found on some train tracks by his band mates.

Alex Band Attacked

Alex, 32, was abducted on August 18 while taking a stroll down a street in Michigan, when he was beaten severely and then dumped on nearby train tracks, reports TMZ. The police are currently investigating the situation.

Alex and his band mates were in the city for a music festival, and at 4am in the morning he decided to walk from his hotel to a nearby mini mart. A van allegedly pulled up and he was grabbed right off the street, and he was then beaten. The abductors then dumped the badly beaten rocker on some nearby train tracks.

Later than morning, one of his band mates noticed that Alex was missing, and he assembled a search party. The singer was discovered a short time later. He survived the incident, but his current condition is unknown.

Law officials are currently investigating the situation.

This is truly terrifying. Our thoughts are with Alex, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

The Calling are best known for their 2001 hit “Wherever You Will Go.”

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Are you shocked by this?

WATCH: The Calling ‘Wherever You Will Go’

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– Eleanore Hutch

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Posted at 10:42 PM on April 13, 2014  

So the “shakers & movers” you speak of are the good guys because their of the liberal mindset? The bad guys are the locals who are more of a “red state” kind of mentality? The bad guys are the ones who did this?
Gay-bashing happens each/everyday day in Detroit and Detroit is the crime capital of Michigan and that is a “blue city”, isn’t it? What’s you’re excuse for that gay bashing, murder and crime?
So when crime happens in Lapeer its the conservatives who value morals, values and ethics, more than liberals?
You’re argument makes no sense.

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Posted at 10:22 AM on September 2, 2013  


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Posted at 11:27 AM on August 19, 2013  

Yes, I am shocked by this. I live in Lapeer and was going to go up to the festival to see the band perform, but other things arose and I didn’t make it. Lapeer Days, is a huge four day festival that is celebrated by many. We always look forward to this festival and it brings great business to this little rural farm community. People from all over come for it’s festivities. I was quite excited to see The Calling on the bill.

It saddens me deeply, that this band came to our little town, to give us a show, only to find the lead singer, abducted, severely beaten, and left for dead on the railroad tracks. Trains run through this town quite regularly, so it’s a good thing one didn’t come before Band was found, or else he would not have survived. Who ever did this to this young man, wanted him dead. That’s why they left him on those railroad tracks.

There’s a lot of speculation that he was out for a drug score, that he was looking for a gay sex hook-up, however, those things seem unlikely to me, since 1) he could have scored any kind of drug he wanted at Lapeer Days after his show was over. 2) Gay sex in Lapeer is a bit off the beaten path. Although, we do have gays that live here, it’s frowned upon, since this is very red on the map, if you get my point. This town is made up of farmers, blue collar workers, and a very conservative mindset. The more liberal or open minded people are the ones that migrated up here and don’t fit the standard criteria of what a true Lapeerian is. We’re the shakers and the movers, lol! So the chances of him looking for a bit of male on male time, would be a bit difficult to come by at 4 am.

In my personal opinion, and I am just speculating, he was probably staying at the Best Western which is on the main drag, decided to go up to the convenience store, which is also a gas station (the only one open at that time of the night), and met up with some rebel rousers who messed with him about the show, and words were exchanged, they grabbed him, threw him in the van, beat the living tar out of him, dumped him on the tracks which is not far from the convenience store, they’re right there pretty much, and left him for dead. Probably hoped he’d get run over by a train. Band probably thought he would be safe to walk that time of night in this town, since it’s normally a sleepy town. But what he didn’t know, there are a lot of scuzzy country boys and gansta wannabe’s up in these parts that are tough rebel rousers. They are low-life’s and they will mess with you. They are punks.

I can say that I am very saddened that this happened to this young man, in our town. This is not the way I want to have this town portrayed. This town recently made news when the Power Ball winner for the huge jackpot, he is from here. Also, this town was showcased on MTV’s, “Catfish,” last season. Jake Long, who’s the football star with the Miami Dolphins, (used to be not sure if he is,) also came from Lapeer. Even though, it’s a close minded town, it has a lot of wonderful things that I love, and is the reason I moved up here from the Detroit area, fifteen years ago. I love Lapeer, and I am so so sad about what happened. I wish the young man a speedy recovery and that the thugs that did this to him will be found by Lapeer’s finest as soon as possible.

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Posted at 9:32 PM on August 19, 2013  

@Michelle not Melissa, auto correct ftl.

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