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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Fighting Leads To [Spoiler’s] Elimination

Thu, August 15, 2013 10:00pm EDT by 23 Comments
Courtesy of Lifetime

What an intense episode this was! Not only was there drama between the designers, but a special guest came back!

The Aug. 15 episode of Project Runway was a whirlwind! Everyone was pretty relieved to have Sandro gone, so they could finally have some peace and quiet. The designers were in for a treat, though, when they found out their challenge!

The Lexus Challenge

The designers had to meet in the Meatpacking District at Gansevoort Plaza, where Tim Gunn and Brian Bolain, corporate manager for Lexus, were waiting for the designers. Behind them were brand new 2014 Lexus sedans, which the designers later found out would be used as their means of transportation. The designers were divided into teams of three, and while some loved this, others hated it. The first team was made up of Alexandria, Sue and Ken — who was very upset that he was put with them! Kate, Jeremy and Karen were all very excited to be together on the second team. Team three was Justin, Dom and Helen. And the last team combined Alexander with Miranda and Bradon.

Each team had to create a luxurious, high-end mini collection from unconventional materials, which is made up of the looks; and each designer was responsible for an individual look. They were given $1,500 to spend on materials and each team had to choose one member to be in charge of that money.

Three different locations were programmed into each team’s car navigation and the team had to pick two out of the three locations to get their materials from. The three choices were: 1. A vintage wallpaper store; 2. A specialty foods store; 3. A combination home goods & party store. Each team had to get their materials from those places and they had only one day to complete the challenge — whoa that is intense!

The Dramatic Challenge

From the very beginning, Ken, Sue, and Alexandria started to bicker. This lead to a ton of fighting in the material stores and in Parsons. As if that isn’t enough drama, Sandro came back to the design room and everyone was completely floored and speechless. Sandro apologized and asks for everyone’s forgiveness and then he singled out Helen and Ken individually to apologize. Helen acted nice to his face but when he left she wasn’t phased and she didn’t really care. Sandro was very upset, everyone hugged him, pretended to be sad, then he left.

When Tim went around to everyone’s tables, he noticed Ken, Alexandria, and Sue were fighting and he tried to give them advice and tell them to work together, but it obviously didn’t help.

The Runway

This challenge, the prize package was worth $500,000 including a spread in Marie Claire Magazine and $25,000 for L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics — wow that is an unbelievable prize package!

Our fave pieces from the runway were definitely Miranda’s dress — a sleeveless metallic mini dress made out of wallpaper and window blinds — and Jeremy’s strapless pencil dress. which looked like a dress we would wear. The glitter on the sides of the dress were so intricate and beautiful!

The Winners & Losers

The winning team, obviously, was Kate, Jeremy and Karen; they totally deserved it for working together so well.

Bradon, Alexander and Miranda’s team came in a close second.

The losing team — much to the surprise of no one — was Ken, Sue, and Alexandria; they didn’t work together and fought the whole time! It showed in their designs. Sue was singled out though, and sadly enough she was eliminated. Oh well, that’s what you get for not working together.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next episode, can you?

— Olivia Elgart

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