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Kidnapping Victim Hannah Anderson Appears At Fundraiser For Her Family

Thu, August 15, 2013 10:38pm EDT by 9 Comments
Hannah Anderson Fundraiser
Courtesy of CBS8

So brave! The 16-year-old made her first public appearance since her traumatic kidnapping experience, showing up unexpectedly at a fundraiser to benefit her and her late mother and brother on August 15.

Hannah Anderson, survivor of the tragic August 3 murder/kidnapping case, attended a fundraiser to help cover the funeral expenses of her mother and brother. Amanda made no statement to the press as she walked into the Boll Weevil restaurant in Lakeside, Calif., in her first appearance in public since she returned home and reunited with her father.

Hannah Anderson At Fundraiser For Family — Kidnapping Victim’s 1st Appearance

Ever since she was rescued by FBI agents who shot and killed her suspected abductor, family friend James DiMaggio, on August 10, Hannah has been very open about her experience. She even started a social media account on to answer personal questions about her horrific ordeal, but later disabled the account.

Hannah was so strong when she attended the fundraiser with her grandparents, Sara and Ralph Britt, and her father, Brett Anderson, who spoke to the press on her behalf, according to ABC News.

“Hannah sends her love,” Brett told reporters at the event. “She’s doing good day by day. And we’ll just keep moving forward from here. Right now, we’re just looking for her future and [to] get her settled.”

The fundraiser was held to benefit Hannah and to help pay for the funerals of her mother, Christina Anderson, 44, and brother, Ethan, 8, who police believe were killed by James before he allegedly kidnapped Hannah.

Hannah Anderson On — Kidnapping Victim Calls Abductor ‘Psycho’

Just days after the horrific crimes against Hannah and her family, she took to to answer questions about her experience.

Most of the “questions” on Hannah’s page were well-wishes coming to her from around the world, to which she responded with brief thank yous. But she also revealed some of the harrowing details of her kidnapping.

One user asked how Hannah’s mother and brother ended up at James’ house: “So your mom and [Ethan] were just at his house for no reason and the thing went off and they caught [on] fire and burned?”

Hannah explained that she felt tricked by James:

He told us he was losing his house because of money issues so we went up there one last time to support him, and to have fun riding go karts up there but he tricked us.

After one user wanted clarification, asking “the news said your were with him willingly? Were you?”, Hannah revealed, “No not at all.”

Another user asked, “how did he separate you from your mother and brother?” Hannah, who seemed unenthusiastic about answering the questions in great detail, revealed:

He tied them up in the garage. I’m done answering questions about it so don’t bother asking.

She did not want to talk about James very much “because he’s a psycho,” she said.

WATCH: Hannah Anderson Appears At Fundraiser For Her Family

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— Tierney McAfee

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