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Usher & Tameka Raymond Embrace After Usher Wins Custody Hearing

Fri, August 9, 2013 6:27pm EDT by Kristine Kowalski 19 Comments
Usher Custody Hearing

On August 9, Usher and his ex-wife each took the stand at a custody hearing in Atlanta. Tameka presented her case to win back primary custody of her two boys, but she lost to Usher and the family’s current custody arrangement will remain the same. While he keeps custody, Usher got a major warning from the judge! Get all the dramatic details here!

Tameka Raymond filed an emergency petition for a custody hearing with ex-husband Usher following the August 5 near-drowning of their son Usher Raymond V. The judge granted the hearing session very quickly because of the situation, but the August 9 hearing itself was almost as dramatic as the accident itself! After the tedious hearing and the decision was made, the exes even hugged!

Usher Custody Hearing — Battle With Tameka Raymond After Son’s Pool Accident

Usher kept his cool composure for the duration of the hearing, while Tameka broke down crying during her emotional testimony. Both sides offered their own version of their child-rearing arrangement, but in the end, the judge’s decision went to Usher: he is able to keep primary custody of his two boys.

Tameka’s defense was that the caretakers watching over Usher V were not the ones supposed to be watching him and she could have done a better job herself. This one accident was actually just a part of a “series of judgement calls that put the kids gravely in danger,” Tameka’s defense said.

Usher’s lawyer said that the kids were “thriving” with Usher, and that “this is an accident that could have happened to anyone.”Usher’s team says Tameka’s allegations are “false,” and “for attention.” They also said that Tameka was sensationalizing the situation to be even more dramatic than it already is by claiming that Usher V was “dead” and “had to be revived” after being rescued from the pool.

Throughout the hearing the judge, Hon. John J. Goger frequently called Tameka out on the claims that she was making since she can’t confirm a lot of her stories since she does not live in the house with the children.

In attempts to prove Usher’s bad parenting, Tameka explained that she is “not in the know” about her kids, claiming that Usher never answers his calls or texts from her. When he took the stand, Usher claims that he updates Tameka on the boys “weekly, every Sunday.”

Tameka Raymond V. Usher Defense

Tameka’s efforts throughout the hearing were to establish how badly Usher keeps her out of the loop — from claims that he frequently replaces the nannies so that she doesn’t know who’s in charge, and not knowing the names of the schools that the kids go to — actually worked against her.”I don’t know where my kids are, who they’re with, who’s taking care of them.” These notes did not help establish herself as an involved mom. Tameka has long-standing complaints that Usher prefers “third-party care” over her.

Usher claims that “his village” of support system consisting of family and friends watch over the boys when he is not in Atlanta, but admitted that he does not always update Tameka about his travel plans and who is taking care of the kids. The judge gave Usher a major warning about needing to personally step up his game to keep his kids safe, and keep more in touch with Tameka, updating her about her children constantly.

Increased communication between Usher and Tameka will be greatly considered in the second custody hearing, so Usher may possibly get a different outcome from the judge if he does not improve.

Tameka Raymond Breaks Down On The Stand

Tameka broke down in tears when the court played the 911 call made by Aunt Rena reporting Usher V’s accident. Still, the defense used the call to point out Aunt Rena’s inefficiency when dealing with the young boys. The pair’s other son, 4-year-old Naviyd, was in the background of the call and was unable to be controlled by his aunt as she made the call.

She got emotional over calling this incident a “so-called emergency,” fearing that she has no confirmation that her son will be exactly the same health-wise as he was before.

What do YOU think, HollyMoms? Are you happy with the outcome of the hearing?

WATCH: Usher Raymond V. Tameka Raymond Custody Hearing

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– Kristine Hope Kowalski and Katie Kravat

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