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Kim Kardashian’s New Video: Making Funny Faces For Baby North?

Tue, August 6, 2013 10:11pm EDT by Russ Weakland 30 Comments
Kim Kardashian Video

Keek-a-boo! Kim posted a video of herself making funny faces at someone to the social media website Keek — was this a glimpse of her playing with baby North? Read on for more details!

As we wait for the inevitable first pictures of Kim Kardashian‘s daughter North West, the new mom is obviously getting antsy to be back in the limelight herself. Kim is seen making faces at a certain off-screen someone in the video she posted to Keek on Aug. 6 — is this the closest we’ve gotten to seeing baby North yet?

Kim Kardashian Video: Sticking Tongue Out At Baby North West?

In the three-second video, a fresh-faced Kim, looking off screen, sticks out her tongue, and then turns to the camera and gives a beautiful smile to the world.

Was Kim just teasing her fans, or was baby North off screen enjoying seeing her mom in a playful mood?

Either way, it seems like Kim is in great spirits and she is looking just as amazing as ever! The power of a new daughter and new family will certainly do that to a girl.

Kim Kardashian Loves Breastfeeding Baby North West

We’re so glad to see Kim embracing motherhood! She is also is having a great time breastfeeding baby North. Kim “is happy and healthy,” her mom, Kris Jenner, said on her talk show recently. “She’s eating really well, working out a little bit, and nursing.”

Breastfeeding is known to be a very important part of a mother’s health.

“Breastfeeding has many health benefits for the baby and mommy,” weight loss expert Dr. David Ghozland M.D. tells EXCLUSIVELY.

In the very beginning of breastfeeding, the mother produces colostrum — nature’s super food. It has high levels of protein, good fat, and high amounts of immunoglobulins which helps with the baby’s immune system. As a result, babies who are breastfed get sick less in early childhood. Breastfeeding helps bond mommy and baby. The one on one contact is healing and beneficial for both mom and baby. Breastfeeding also accelerates weight loss. A mom can burn an additional 500 calories a day from breastfeeding. If Kim’s baby daughter is in an incubator, Kim could always pump her milk and then feed her baby with a bottle. But if her daughter is strong enough, she can just breastfeed her naturally.

Whatever Kim and baby North are getting into, we love seeing how Kim is obviously an affectionate, playful mom, and she’s having fun with the whole experience. Keep up the good parenting, Kim, and please post more videos!

So HollywoodLifers, do YOU think Kim was making faces at baby North in this video?

WATCH: Kim Kardashian Makes Funny Faces In New Keek Video

— Russ Weakland

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