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Do You Smell Your Best On A Date? A Derm Solves Your Sweating Problems

Thu, August 1, 2013 10:00am EDT by Dory Larrabee 3 Comments
Too Much Sweat

Are you self-conscious when you go out at night? Do you feel like your deodorant isn’t strong enough? A top dermatologist breaks down the options and answers your questions about your underarm wellness!

Most people wear deodorant every day, but is it enough? Expert dermatologist Dr. Lori Haddad answers your questions and concerns below and reveals the most frequent complaints she hears about underarm health.

Too Much Sweat? — Stop The Smell

Dr. Lori tells EXCLUSIVELY that people hide their sweating issues from friends, family — even their doctors!

It’s embarrassing. I mean our babysitter, who we had for years, had a sweating problem! I never knew — she was even embarrassed to tell me and I’m a dermatologist! Finally, weeks before her wedding, she said ‘I need to see you.’ She always wore things to hide it around me.

Since trying to hide an issue can be exhausting, Dr. Lori says she tries to fix the problem with an affordable and safe solution.

The number one concern patients have: what’s the quickest way I can get rid of this and can I cure it? With Botox under the arm, they’re worried that they are they going to block their sweat ducts so they won’t ever be able to perspire again. There are risks to that. The quick fix that I think works well is Sure Deodorant. It delivers and I don’t have to write prescriptions, which are also very expensive.

Sure is over-the-counter and it works, so Dr. Lori is a big fan.

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