‘KUWTK’ Recap: Brody Jenner Calls Kris Jenner A ‘Villain’ During Fight

Sun, July 28, 2013 10:32pm EDT by 14 Comments
Courtesy of E!

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Posted at 11:27 PM on October 18, 2014  

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Posted at 8:40 AM on September 21, 2014  

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Posted at 7:26 PM on July 30, 2013  

I am own Kris’s side. You should know that Bruce was divorced from his ex-wife for 13 years before he met and married Kris. Bruce had all that time to bond with his boys and didn’t. Was I the only one who saw the show where Brody is telling Bruce how good he was with the girls his half sisters, and then Brody begins to tell Bruce that he didn’t have him around when he was growing up. Bruce says to Brody this is not the place to discuss that. On the same show Brandon has a talk with his dad, Bruce, about how Brody was feeling and that he should talk to Brody. Bruce decides at a later time, on that same show, to talk to Brody about not having the relationship with both him and Brandon because of the horrible divorce with his mother. I don’t believe Kris would have stood in the way of Bruce getting his kids. She had 4 children of her own when she married Bruce and had 2 more children by Bruce. She loves children. I believe it all boils down to Bruce and his ex-wife. Bruce probably felt it was easier to let his ex-wife have her way than to fight with her all the time over the boys and that he would try to have a relationship with them after they got older and could speak for themselves. I think Brody is mad at the wrong person. He should not be made at Kris, but with his own mom and dad. – Congratulation Kris on your new show! I think you are fantastic. I so enjoy watching the relationship you have with the girls. You reminder me of me and my daughter and the way we act with each other. I am still laughing at your helping Kim with that needle in her stomach that day…My daughter and I act exactly the same way (lol).

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Miss Winks

Posted at 3:59 PM on July 30, 2013  

He needs to remember she is not his mother but Bruce IS his father. The responsibility ultimately fell on Bruce to see his children while they were growing up. Kris would’ve had zero control over visitation even if she wanted to see Brody, because she’s not his biological parent and had no custody of him. I rest my case.

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Posted at 3:15 PM on July 30, 2013  

In a recent episode, Bruce was also trying to bond with Brody. Bruce mentioned to Brody that it was a difficult divorce between him and Brody’s mom. Kris at that point has no obligation other than to be there in case the boys did need her other than that she is somewhat vindicated as to why she was sadly not involved in the boys youth, she sounds like a fun mom. As time or years goes by, it is a two way street too, Kris also had to deal with the Robert Kardashian divorce and death issues. Cut her some slack, Bruce should have help out in that conversation. Brody get over it, and move on, pray you don’t have the unfortunate experience of going through a divorce with children. On another note, great show Kris, congratulations!

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Posted at 9:58 PM on July 29, 2013  

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz……..I am so over this family!!!! Give me Duck Dynasty any day!

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Posted at 9:44 PM on July 29, 2013  

Poor little baby Brody needs to grow up and stop playing the victim. Often step parents are blamed for things that they had no part in. It was Bruce’s bad for not having him in their life, not Kris’. Was Kris supposed to call Bruce’s ex to arrange visits? NO.

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Posted at 6:26 PM on July 29, 2013  

They don’t have to. All these scripts are written just for something to show on an unreality show. Nothing on the show is believable or true. Besides, who really cares if they like each other or not? It would be very difficult for anyone to put up with this nutso silly woman. If I was unfortunate enough to be a family member or even sort of a family member, I’d be happy if she just let me alone and not try to run my life for me. Bruce can’t stand up to her, but apparently the young man doesn’t mind standing up for himself. Good for him.

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Posted at 8:03 AM on July 29, 2013  

Can we all all try to remember that this show is heavily scripted. And how do the cameras know how to be in the right place at he right time. I doubt very much that Kris Jenner would allow this drama to be aired on TV if it was for real. Please also remember these scenes were filmed way back at the beginning of the year. A totally scripted, fake show. All scripted for ratings. brody is in on it all to make money. He is riding the Kardashian gravy train. So obvious.

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Posted at 4:44 AM on July 29, 2013  

Kris did do everything she could cuz that’s a hard situation to be in. Kris is a better person than me cuz if Brody and Brandon blame Kris for their childhood I would have told them to go to Therapy cuz it’s obvious Brody and Brandon got No Love from their real parents leaving them to blame Kris. Brandon Leah and Brody are disrespectful to Kris cuz they come on their show and every chance they get they BASH Kris. More and more I see Bruce is not the person I thought he was. Bruce needs to check his Grown kids but it is easier to let them blame Kris for him being a Rotten father to his children

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Maria Bello (@bellomaria361)

Posted at 4:24 AM on July 29, 2013  

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Posted at 1:07 AM on July 29, 2013  

Were you watching the same episode that I was? Because that wasn’t a nasty fight. And kris didnt do everything to try and bond with him. And who the tell asks their husband to say sexual things in front of their kids! I would’ve been grossed out too if that’s were my parents

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Posted at 1:47 PM on July 30, 2013  

I watch the body language and there is no way anyone can fake the tension Brody has with Kris. Kourtney tells Kris to talk to Brody and what does she do?? She rubs oil on his back and flirts with him and wonders why he is so uncomfortable around her. From what I read, Bruce was a good father until he was with Kris. That is when the visits stopped. I enjoyed the Brody/Kris confrontation, because finally someone is telling her the truth. yes, the show is scripted and I think the confrontation was planned but I don’t think Kris was expecting what came out of his mouth.

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Posted at 2:43 PM on July 30, 2013  

I agree with Jkjello and dee. I only watch this show as I change channels for a few minutes. But, Kris with the wig stopped me. She asked Bruce to tell her she was sexy looking in the crazy wig. He told her it was “wearing on him.” I was shocked by her inappropriate behavior and then the whole lotion back rubbing of Brody, etc. The girls are telling her to stop and she kept going, even though they told her she was being gross and inappropriate. I can see why Brody is so uncomfortable around Kris. This show is a mirror of how a women with grown children needs attention and to see herself as sexy. Kris also does not pay proper attention to Rob. Young men need to be treated as men with a respectful nurturing mother, stepmother, or mother in law. Older women begging to be called sexy is just awful in so many ways. Looking as good as you can, being in as the best shape as you can be, intelligent and working at something meaningful to you is a great example to your kids. Kris does not seem to have proper boundaries, and Bruce seems to be unable to check her at all. He ignored his own boys growing up and that is sad.

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