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How To Prevent Bumps & Irritation Under Your Arms After Shaving

Fri, July 26, 2013 9:03am EDT by Dory Larrabee 5 Comments
Underarm Irritation
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Shaving can cause redness, bumps, irritation and pain — after all, you are putting a sharp razor on your sensitive skin! But there are ways to ease the pain. A top derm addresses your concerns below.

Dr. Lori Haddad, an expert dermatologist, is working with readers to help you solve your underarm problems. You can have tons of confidence like a Hollywood celebrity with Dr. Lori’s top tips. Keep reading for her advice so you can show off your underarms with confidence this summer!

Underarm Irritation — Getting Rid Of Red Bumps

Dr. Lori tells readers EXCLUSIVELY that the key to preventing irritation is finding the right razor:

My teenager has different brands of razors plastered all over her shower. The real key to preventing bumps is using the proper razor, and not an electric one. Shaving gel soften the hairs instantly, so I recommend using that. Shaving cream takes about 20 minutes before it actually starts to soften the hair and reduce the irritation. Of course, laser hair removal is the ultimate — that’s what really ensures that we don’t have any irritation like folliculitis and bumps around the hair follicle.

Of course it matters what you put on your skin after you shave, so Dr. Lori recommends Sure Deodorant.

I like that their new conditioning solid deodorants have new ingredients like Vitamins A and E and aloe extracts, which are more soothing to the skin.

Be sure to ask Dr. Lori a question by leaving a comment below and vote in our poll with your top underarm concern! Dr. Lori will be answering your questions over the next week!


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