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Michael Costello’s ‘Project Runway’ Recap: Bring On The Bling

Fri, July 26, 2013 12:47pm EDT by 3 Comments
Courtesy of Lifetime

Season 12 of ‘Project Runway’ is underway and this week’s episode wasn’t short on drama — or jewels! Check out Michael Costello’s recap of the episode and find out who was sent packing!

Security guards had to be brought on to this week’s episode of Project Runway but luckily it wasn’t because of the contestants – it was because of the models! Adorned in over $30 million dollars worth of jewels, the models posed a serious challenge to the designers. Who created a look worth millions and who was sent home for coming up short? Find out below!

Episode Two Brings the Bling

This week the designers were given a challenge to create a high-end look inspired by diamonds. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, however, Timothy seems to disagree. Okay Timothy, you’re organic, eco-friendly and all about sustainable energy, but did you know diamonds have a lot of energy and come from Mother Earth? Stick that in your reusable grocery bag.

This week’s challenge was my dream challenge: to design an evening dress inspired by diamonds. The possibilities would be endless! Back in the workroom, the designers are given 30 minutes to sketch out their ideas. Seems like everyone has a clear direction of where they want to go. Finally, we get to go to Mood, where the designers have a suggested budget of $300. However, with the new GoBank cards, they have the option to manage their own budget over the season. Can’t wait to see who runs out of money before the final challenge; I’m anxiously waiting to tune into that episode! Right off the bat we have to go into Timothy’s dumpster diving at Mood. Although it may seem strange, I have to admit I would do it as well. But my favorite part is when Tim clearly points out that Mood caries organic fabrics. Yet Timothy continues to scour the piles of past seasons rejects. Oh Timothy, looks like old habits die hard.

Drama Queens, As Usual

The drama has begun to unravel and I know exactly where it started to fray. Sandro and Ken went at it in the brother sewing room; looks like the battle of the egos has started!

Helen showed us a new side of her personality by taking over the role of Tim Gunn in the workroom. Sorry Helen, that job is already taken. I suggest focusing more on your own garment (instead of others) and maybe you will be proud of what you create. Oh yes! We also have our first runway meltdown, but we will talk about that later!

Kate seems to be very confident on what she is doing, but I am just not loving her designs. It looks like something I have seen before … oh wait! I have on her past season win.

Timothy’s trash-for-treasure finds seem to be headed down the drain. A velvet crop top and ill-fitted bell skirt really had me, as well as Tim, worried. Timothy began to crack under pressure and I would have, too. Luckily the designers were nice enough to share their input and help him complete a look. This would of never happened in my season; everyone actually wanted to win! I think they were still on season 11’s team challenge mentality.

The Runway

Let’s meet the judges. This week Eric Daman joined the panel. I’m happy to see him, (we met on my season of Project Runway Allstars, where Eric and Miss Piggy were the guest judges), and did I mention I won that challenge? It’s nice to see you back, Eric.

As theses looks come down the runway, I’m thinking, “What am I watching?” Is this the unconventional challenge? Everything looks so home-sewn and ill-fitting. The camisole neckline was a theme throughout. It looks like the designers were more inspired by each other than by the diamonds. GET OUT OF BED!

Okay, we have to stop for a second and talk about Helen’s breakdown. Her tough façade broke down sooner than I thought it would. Come on, Helen! Pull it together! This is only episode two! Save it for the finale like I did, (that’s when ratings are high and millions of people are watching).

The Results

Top 3:

Kate: Not so great, Kate. Great construction but not my favorite look.

Dom: Although the judges loved this look, I hated it. It was ill-fitted and over accessorized with the headband. I did love Tim Gunn’s Palm Spring shout out, though.

Sandro: Russian hooker? I’m digging it.

Bottom 3:

Timothy: Although Timothy was in the bottom, I kind of liked his look. I’m sure he will continue to be in the bottom, though. Keep digging in the trash, hopefully you’ll find Zac Posen’s rejects.

Kahindo: Really???

Helen: Tears may have saved you this time but be careful, that runway is slippery when wet.

Winner: Kate. Shocking!

Out: Kahindo

Until next time, see you on the runway.

Michael Costello

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