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Girl Born Without Nose Or Eyes Preps For Miracle Surgery To Build Face

Thu, July 25, 2013 12:02pm EDT by Kristine Kowalski 3 Comments
cassidy hooper reconstructive surgery
Courtesy of WBTV

An inspiring teenager is ready to take on the final surgeries that will complete the face she never had. Born without eyes or a nose, Cassidy Hooper is excited that doctors are finally going to complete her nose.

Cassidy Hooper is one brave girl! The seventeen year old from Charlotte, North Carolina is about to go through the final surgery to construct the facial features that she was born without — and she is in great spirits.

Teen Born Without Eyes Or Nose Prepares For Final Surgeries

Doctors have never been able to definitively answer why Cassidy was born without eyes or a nose, but they believe that these features just did not develop in the first two weeks she was developing in her mother’s womb, as they typically do. Her road to facial construction has not been an easy one, but she has maintained her optimism and positive spirits over the years. The surgical process doesn’t happen overnight. “Cassidy’s mom compares it to building a house — before building the actual structure you need to lay the foundation,” reports WBTV.

On July 31, Cassidy will undergo the first of her final two surgeries in the construction of her nose. Her mother, Susan, tells WBTV that the process entails the doctor taking a rib bone from Cassidy’s own rib cage and attaching it to her forehead bone to make the bridge of her nose. For the final surgery, the doctor will “just trim everything down and make it match,” says Susan.

“I’m not nervous. I know everything is going to be okay and I know it’s going to be awesome when I wake up,” Cassidy told WBTV about the final rounds of her surgery. The brave girl is no stranger to these grueling procedures, as she has undergone countless difficult

Cassidy Hooper Living Her Teenage Years To The Fullest

This inspiring girl has never let her physical differences get in the way of what she wanted to do. Cassidy, who is going to start her senior year of high school this fall, is also starting her first job at the Library for the Blind in Raleigh, North Carolina. “I can’t wait,” she told WBTV.  “I’ve always wanted a real job!” Her enthusiasm is truly inspiring and we’re so excited for her!

What do YOU think, HollyMoms? Isn’t Cassidy so brave for going through these surgeries?

WATCH: Cassidy Hooper Takes Another Step Toward Getting A Nose

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— Kristine Hope Kowalski

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