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Kate Middleton & Prince William: Alex Is A Cute Nickname For Royal Baby

Wed, July 24, 2013 5:26pm EDT by Kristine Kowalski 8 Comments
Royal Baby Nickname

The royal baby’s name is officially bigger than he is. Twenty letters of given names, and a whole sentence of royal title. But what will his parents call him? Prince George just sounds so grown up!

Prince George Alexander Louis. A name fit for a king. But a whole lot of name for a tiny baby. Full of historical meaning, sentimental value, and tradition, the little prince’s name also has the potential for some modern flair. How fun would it be if Prince George had a fun nickname like his uncle Harry?! May I suggest Alex as a potential option?

Royal Baby’s Name Announced: George Alexander Louis

The royal baby’s name was officially announced on July 24, two days after his birth on July 22: he will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. While George is a deeply historical name that pays homage to the British throne (and the baby’s own great-great-grandfather!), combine it with two other powerful given names — Alexander and Louis — and you’ve got a lot to handle! Imagine it:

“Prince George Alexander Louis! Eat your vegetables!”

“Prince George Alexander Louis! Pick up your toys!”

Not going to happen, right? Which leaves the question, what will the prince be called at home?

Royal Nicknames

George is a great name, but it definitely sounds more grown-up than the three day old will be able to quickly grow into. So in the mean time, how cool would it be if he was called “Alex?” The royal family is not one to shy away from nicknames or the short forms of given names: after all, Prince Harry was born Prince Henry. He has become known affectionately — and in title! — as Prince Harry, and we almost wouldn’t know him any other way.

New mom Kate Middleton herself is known more familiarly as Kate rather than her given name Catherine. She’s royally Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but we are able to relate to her when she’s called Kate.

The most modern and trendy portion of the baby prince’s name is Alexander, as Alex is a popular nickname for men and women all over! It would be really refreshing for the royal family to use a version the prince’s middle name as a more casual option for the baby boy!

Celebs Use Their Babies’ Middle Names Too: Just Look At Bill & Giuliana Rancic!

It’s not just the royals who give their children fancy names and use their Giuliana and Bill Rancic named their son Edward Duke — but everyone knows him as Duke. The couple never made a big deal about why they decided to give their son a formal name only to use his middle name, they just went with it and everyone loved it!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are nicknames, middle names, and name short forms a part of your home life? What do you think the royal baby will be called at home?

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— Kristine Hope Kowalski

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