Chris Brown Keeps Tabs On Rihanna Through Her Twitter

Wed, July 24, 2013 5:07pm EST by 47 Comments
splashnews/Courtesy of Instagram

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nay nay

Posted at 4:29 PM on July 29, 2013  

we as women should understand her she human and what to be love just like we all do. we all made mistake in our life. we sometime come to forgive or we go on but we always have the support system that agree or disagree what us happy no matter what. yes what ever makes Rihanna happy should make us happy. I think her family understand her and love her unconditinally that good she need that now for sure. i belive her fan what her happy, they dont want to see her hurt no more . Be happy Rihanna we will be happy for you. what ever she choose as a fan be happy for her.

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Posted at 2:59 AM on July 29, 2013  

If Chris Brown truly loves Rihanna, I hope he makes a move and shows his feelings for her and starts acting like a man, before Rihanna has move on to someone else, and he gets K. Tran pregnant, which seems to be what K. Tran wants.

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Johnny Fried Bakes

Posted at 10:12 PM on July 28, 2013  


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Shara Parson

Posted at 10:31 AM on July 28, 2013  

In all honesty they both still love each other and need to be adults and say hey I want to be with you, someone has to be the bigger person and say sorry. I don’t agree with Chris hitting Rihanna but at the end of the day if that is who you truly love who are we to judge. If you need help try Couples Therapy.

Yes they are both celebs but at the end of the day they are only humans and they do make mistakes just like the rest of us. Playing childish and foolish games for the fans and world is not helping the situation it is only making it worse and blows it all out of propotion which is so uncalled for. Life is too short.

Both Rihanna and Chris need to be true to themselves, yes they may both have fans but at the end of the day they have to live their lives and be happy even if some of the fans may not agree. Life is too short to be wasted being childish just be true about your feelings for each other and work through your problems.

If you two found your way back together after Chris being on probtion for hitting you Rihanna that in itself shows that your love is strong. I ask you this Rihanna if Chris died tomorrow can you honestly say you would have no regrets and you Chris if the tables were turned could you say the same?

Just be true to yourself both of you and if you both love each other then be adults admit it and try to work on your relationship. 8 years is a lot of history of good and bad momments to just walk away from. Be true to your heart and yourselves both of you.

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Hickory dd

Posted at 12:20 AM on July 27, 2013  

He thought Rihanna was going to run back and beg him or throw shade at him on twitter; but she is doing her own thing and it has been pretty good. It was hard for her but she finally came to terms with it and that is precisely what he can’t stand. He just wants what he can’t have but this time it is not going to work for him. He had his chance. He un-followed her and now can’t come to grips that she is moving on with her life and he is part of her past. He never nurtured that relationship and now he is sowing what he reaped: indifference and callous insensitivity. I am so glad Rihanna is unfazed about his “single status.” I know it ‘ain’t nobody’s business’ but if she gets back with him, that would really disappoint the majority of her fans. I think he googles her name all day long in the hopes that she still remembers him or wants him back. He knows he will never find a woman like Rihanna with such charisma, fame, talent, and especially with the unconditional love she had for him. He knows he had his one and only chance and he blew it. The thought of losing the love of his life shatters him :( And now he is really serious about showing he is “single” hoping Rihanna will come back again. Second time karrueche is dumped. I hope she finally learned the lesson.

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Posted at 1:36 PM on July 26, 2013  


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