‘Glee’ Scoop: Inside The Emotional Cory Monteith Tribute Episode

Mon, July 22, 2013 4:25pm EST by 5 Comments
Glee Cory Monteith Tribute
Courtesy of FOX

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Posted at 9:02 PM on July 26, 2013  

I think Lindy is absolutely right! I have read every article on the net and I am just looking for more details because I cannot believe Cory is not around! I cannot believe how it has affected me so my heart goes out to those around him and Lea. I just wish he did not go to Vancouver! The public needs more news to cope with the loss of Cory. Lindys suggestions were very well presented. Love to lea

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Posted at 8:37 AM on July 24, 2013  

I know it would be hard for the cast, but when Finn will die it have to affect their characters. Glee members were Finn’s best friends so it must affect those characters. A lot. Especially Kurt and Rachel. Rachel is drama queen and very emotional so it has to have large affect ot Lea’s character. They can do episode with fav moments and memories of the cast about Cory, it will be nice. But then they also will have to show Glee characters griev about Finn. It will fit the story and can show what to do about someone close death. Especially if this someone was too young.
And I don’t want any footage, like phone conversations with Finn on screen and then his death. They have to kill him off screen and he must appear only in flashbacks and memories of the Glee.

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Posted at 12:06 AM on July 23, 2013  

I personally kind of want both. As a fan, as awful as it seems to say, you (or at least I) have more of an emotional connection to the fictional character, that character is the person you feel like you know and who you will personally miss, I think it is important to give that character a good send off, a way for the fans to say goodbye through the characters that they love. But there is also no question at all that as a true loss, obviously the loss of Cory Monteith is far far far greater than that of Finn Hudson, I also want to see them honor his memory as Cory, not as Finn. I think maybe a half hour special about Cory before the normal length goodbye episode for Finn would be appropriate. I also think a way to honor his memory would be for Finn to die in a similar way (unless that is just to hard for cast to deal with). I don’t think it would make any sort of sense to find out Finn is a closet addict, but I think something like binge drinking/alcohol poisoning would both make sense for the character (considering the last song we saw Finn perform was about partying and involved joining a frat) and also honor the memory of a man who desperately wanted others to avoid the cycle of addiction he just couldn’t break. Just makes my heart hurt every time I see his face on the magazines in checkout lines, I can’t imagine how Lea, the rest of the cast and crew, and his family and friends are coping with this.

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Posted at 9:13 PM on August 11, 2013  

I hear you Lindy and agree. Never before has my heart ached as it does now. My heart bleeds and my eyes have cried a river of tears. I can’t seem to shake it. I feel like I have lost a close member of my family. I wish we could all have one more chance but it is not to be or he would be here. I will never understand why he was in Canada all alone in such a vulnerable state. Where was anyone….He should not have been alone. Someone should have had ahold of his hand and not let go. Now, he died all alone and what was running through his mind when he was all alone. They have to do the end very tastefully but either way, my heart is going to ache. I will watch the tribute and then my TV will go dark on Glee days. I can not watch it and not see Cory’s face and the big black hole that will now be there. I watched it for smiles…not tears.

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Posted at 9:25 PM on July 22, 2013  

I think it is important that they pay tribute to Cory in the perfect way. I think they should allow is girlfriend Lea to write the episode. She knows exactly what and hohow Cory would want to be remember and such. Still soooooo sad he is gone!

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