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Think You Sweat Too Much? A Top Derm Answers Your Personal Q’s

Sun, July 21, 2013 8:58pm EDT by 2 Comments

Everyone wants to find a way to block sweat and odor during scorching summer temps. has partnered with an expert to bring you all the answers about sweating, underarm bumps, irritation and more!

We have enlisted expert dermatologist, Dr. Lori Haddad, to answer all of your questions about keeping your underarm skin dry, smooth and healthy all summer long — exactly when you need it the most. Just like many Hollywood stars, showing off your sexy skin shouldn’t be embarrassing — it should be exhilarating! Check out our expert tips below.

Excessive Sweating — Do You Have It?

One of the most frequent concerns regarding your underarms is excessive sweating. We’re going to break down what that REALLY means and how you can combat it. Dr. Lori tells EXCLUSIVELY:

There is a condition called hyperhidrosis, and that in and of itself is more of a medical condition where the sweat is in excess — it’s an overactive sweat gland. A low percentage of people that have this — about two to three percent of the population.

Some patients may think they sweat in excess, but Dr. Lori assures us that sweating — even a lot — is totally normal.

Sweating is a natural process, meaning it helps our body to cool. For decades, it was more of an embarrassing thing, that women shouldn’t sweat. It was okay for men, but not women. Be unapologetic, be strong, because it is not a sign of weakness — it is actually natural to sweat, it is a natural physiological process. Antiperspirant is the really the key to feeling confident.

Basically, for most women, an antiperspirant will combat your fears of excess sweating. For those who want a quick and supposedly total fix to sweating, Dr. Lori reminds us that extreme alternatives are not without side effects.

Botox, for severe cases, does help block the nerves. But, that is temporary and has side effects. For the typical consumer who walks into our office, we recommend antiperspirants that are the strongest and that have zero side effects.

Dr. Lori recommends using Sure Deodorant, which recently re-launched with cool, new packaging! The staple brand lasts all day and is excellent at curing your wetness problems.

Vote in our poll below and tell us your top underarm concern. Ask Dr. Lori a question in our comment section below and we’ll try and answer your question in a future Q&A post, HollywoodLifers!