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‘Project Runway’ Premiere Recap With Michael Costello: WATCH

Fri, July 19, 2013 5:38pm EDT by 2 Comments
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Designer and former contestant Michael Costello gave us his hysterical take on the premiere episode — read on and WATCH for more!

Season 12 of Project Runway has arrived with an entire new cast, new rules and unexpected twists. The first episode of the season is always my favorite because you get to meet a whole new set of designers, personalities and design aesthetics. However, this season could not have begun without a twist. Kate Pankoke from season 11 was chosen to return. Ummm, ok.

WATCH: Michael Costello’s ‘Project Runway’ Premiere Recap

High Stakes & Drama Ring In Season 12:

This season the stakes have been raised. The winner of season 12 will receive a price package worth over half a million dollars, the biggest price in the history of the show. Makes me want to sign up and compete again! Now, let’s get to the real deal. This week’s challenge was presented on a different kind of runway — an airport runway! It was an unconventional challenge where the designers had to create a runway look made from parachutes. Some designers flew over the competition and some simply failed.

The cast this season is eclectic, which is a perfect mixture for drama. You have the class bitch, Helen, overconfident Kate, Drama queen Timothy, and those are just three designers. This season will definitely bring up the drama and I cannot wait to see the seams unravel. I was very touched, though, to meet Justin, a talented designer who despite his hearing disability will be a force to recon with.

The judging panel consisted of the Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum and the fabulous Kate Bosworth. This season the judges will also be joined by Tim Gunn, a silent judge who has the power to save one designer during the season.

Finally, Runway Time!

Initial thoughts: I am impressed with this group! Who’s in the top?

Timothy: As I saw his look coming down the runway, I thought, “Cute, if the model has just gone through a fire.” It was a poetic tragedy that left me with a bitter taste. He sent his model down the runway without shoes, makeup or hair. Why? I do give him props for rocking heels on the runway, although I wish they had been a more tasteful pair. Next time make sure your model has heels before you do!

Sue: Chic and thought out. The rouching she created on her dress was visually pleasant.

Angela: As I saw her look going down the runway all I could think was “color blocking meets trash bag.”

Miranda: Easy, chic, except she used very minimal of the parachute material. As cute as her design may be to me, she failed because she didn’t execute the challenge properly.

Bradon: Without a doubt his look impressed the judges the most; He shut it down.

Sandro: Where do I begin? A designer’s worst nightmare became his reality when his model burst onto the runway. “Vagina Drops” was an accurate description made by a fellow contestant. I could not believe that the tightly fitted body suit exposed so much more than what the model had signed up for.

The Results

Winner: Bradon! 100% agree. His look was fabulous.

Out: Angela. Her poncho simply was not runway material since it lacked creativity and failed to impress the judges.

I’m excited to see what else will unfold this season. What designer will be saved? Who will crack under the pressure? How far will Kate, “the comeback kid,” make it? And who will make it to the top? I guess I’ll just have to sit tight and wait for next week’s episode!

See you on the runway!

Michael Costello

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