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‘Sharknado’: Fans & Stars React — The Funniest Comments On Twitter

Fri, July 12, 2013 9:41am EDT by 3 Comments
Sharknado Twitter
Courtesy of Syfy

The most incredible TV moment — and we’re only sort of joking — happened on July 11 when the Syfy channel released its latest, hokiest disaster movie ever. ‘Sharknado’ was hilarious to watch, but it might’ve been even funnier to follow along on Twitter during the corny flick.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a large tornado picked up a horde of hungry, huge sharks and flung them onto land? Well Sharknado, which premiered on Syfy on July 11, answered that question perfectly. The so-bad-it’s-amazing movie not only took over television for one night, it also turned into a real cultural event as stars and fans rushed to Twitter to post their flabbergasted reactions. Here are the best ones we found.

‘Sharknado’: Fans React When Sharks & Tornadoes Collide

The success of Sharknado was apparent on Twitter — one fan tweeted, “If there isn’t a channel showing #Sharknado on a loop until the end of time, we have failed as a society…”

And Andrew Kaczynski of BuzzFeed really summed up what our amazement over Sharknado means: “I’m putting down a non-fiction book to watch #Sharknado. This is why the Chinese and the Indians will rule over us.”

Olivia Wilde, Elizabeth Banks & More Stars Tweet About ‘Sharknado’

Be that as it may, even celebrities were hooked on Sharknado. The legendary actress Mia Farrow tweeted, “Omg omg OMG #sharknado.”

Olivia Wilde tweeted to Elizabeth Banks about a possible sequel, saying, “Banks, this is our chance to play Siamese twins: two heads, one magnificent shark tail. Emmys all around. #SharknadoTwo.”

Damon Lindelof, the writer of LostPrometheus, and the Star Trek movies, also tweeted about a sequel: “I am going to write the Sharknado sequel and I am going to do it before Shaknado is over,” he tweeted.

Stand By Me actor Wil Wheaton had an awesome exchange with a Syfy exec. Wil first tweeted, “I’m not so sure about the science in this movie you guys. #SharkNado,” to which the Syfy exec responded, “The science was checked out by, um, top minds. Really.”

But not everyone could enjoy the festivities, for very personal reasons. Saturday Night Live alum Horatio Sanz tweeted, “I wish I could join in on the shenanigans, But I had a cousin that was killed by a #Sharknado back in ’93. #RamonRIP.”

Sorry about that, Horatio, but Sharknado is too awesome to ignore. Thankfully we DVR’ed it so we can relive the amazingness over and over again. What about you, HollywoodLifers, were you loving Sharknado? Let us know!

WATCH: ‘Sharknado’ Trailer

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— Andrew Gruttadaro

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