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Jay-Z: Staying Out Of Rihanna & Chris Brown’s Relationship Is Smart

Fri, July 12, 2013 6:59pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 32 Comments

Jay, you’ve been like a surrogate father to Rihanna so it must have been really tough to hold your tongue at times. Nevertheless, you’ve been wise not to butt in to the recent roller coaster Rihanna/Chris Brown affair.

Jay-Z  you’re a super smart man in many, many ways and your decision to not intervene in Rihanna‘s on again/ now off again romance with Chris Brown is one of the wisest decisions you’ve ever made.

Jay-Z, You’ve Been A Great Mentor For Rihanna

You admitted in an interview on NYC’s  Hot 97′s The Angie Show in New York on July 10, that it’s not your place to interfere. “I can’t control the outcome of her life,” you said. “I can’t intervene.”

And you’re right Jay-Z! You may have discovered Rihanna and started working with her when she was just 16, but you aren’t her parent.

You are her mentor and that’s something very different. It’s been your role to help build her enormously successful career and to guide her in making smart professional decisions, but it’s not your place to butt into her romantic life.

Rihanna is now 25 — a grown woman. It’s completely her own decision to be with Chris or not.

I’m sure you were there to comfort her along with her family after Chris’ vicious assault on her in February 2009.

You’ve Been Supportive Through It All

But you no doubt also watched both Rihanna and Chris work to recover from that terrible situation. Rihanna needed to mend physically but it took her longer to recover emotionally.

She herself explained publicly to Oprah how she needed to go through several emotional stages (and we at HollywoodLife, hear counseling, as well) before she could become friends and more with Chris again.

Chris, himself also went through loads of anger management training and counseling.

Nevertheless, when the pair became romantically re-involved in the past year, it must have set off your protective instincts … fast!

But, you decided to bite your tongue. You explained in your interview that, “I can give [Rihanna] advice, if asked, you know, and that’s it. I can provide information and then life has to play out. Life has to happen.”

Rihanna & Chris Had To Figure It Out Themselves

Jay-Z, you’re right. Rihanna needed to see for herself how reuniting with Chris would make her feel. She clearly had “unfinished love business” with Chris.

Hey, bottom line — she still loved him and she admitted in interviews that she had missed Chris, her ‘best friend‘  when she and Chris abruptly and necessarily ended their relationship after the assault.

Jay-Z, you and many, many other people in Rihanna’s life, as well as fans, may not have understood why she still loved Chris and was ready to reunite. But she was and is entitled to her feelings and she and Chris needed to explore the love they still had for each other.

Trying to stand in Rihanna’s way would only have made her resent you. And that would not have been good for either of you.

That’s why when you spoke out in your Hot 97 interview and admitted that you weren’t staying in the loop on the latest ups and downs of Rihanna’s relationship with Chris, you were demonstrating your wisdom.

Now, You Can All Be Friends For Life

If Rihanna wants your advice, she’ll ask you. She knows you’re there to provide support when she needs it.

But I bet she really appreciates you not being judgmental about her and Chris. And who knows, she may get back together with Chris, one or many more times. Since you’ve never stood in their way, she will never resent you or be afraid to come to you if she does at some point need your advice.

Likewise, if she and Chris are together agin at some point, they’ll both be comfortable with you and that’s important. It’s a small industry and life is long!

Jay-Z, I bet Rihanna loves and respects you even more than ever for not dissing or disapproving of her love life in any way. Has Jay-Z taken the right approach, HollywoodLifers? Let me know!

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— Bonnie Fuller

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