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Tyler Cordy Reveals Shocking Musical Influences Behind 2AM Club

Fri, July 12, 2013 3:00pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment
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2AM Club may be an up-and-coming band, but they know good music! Vocalist Tyler Cordy sat down exclusively with to talk all things music, touring, and even which celebrities he was crushing on!

Tyler Cordy and the rest of 2AM Club have lived quite the life! For six 20-somethings, they have quite the journey ahead of them! Tyler revealed to us just how they got to where they are today, the SHOCKING artists that inspire them, and — attention ladies — what he looks for in a love interest!

2AM Club Influenced By Every Genre

HollywoodLife: Tell me how exactly 2AM Club began?

Tyler Cordy: We started around 2007 out in LA – Dave (Dalton) and I were best friends since we were little, we grew up in Seattle, Mark Griffin and Matt Reagan were the same story in the San Francisco area. Then we all kinda linked up & started writing music in LA. Initially, it was a couple different projects, but then we began getting shows, helping each other out and networking. For our first album in 2010, we toured all over the country. We learned how the radio game works, how to navigate the buzz side. It was a hands-on thing that you can’t really fake or do any other way, than just going through it.

HL: So now you’ve released a new remix called “Black Liquor.”

TC: Yeah, we worked with a producer from the Bay area that we’ve known for years. We really wanted a remix, we added in rapper A-1. It was a good group of people. Remixes like that allow us to be a little more excited about our music.

HL: You like to collaborate — who do you hope to work with in the future?
TCMiguel. I think he’s one of the most talented, most interesting, kind of pushing-the-envelope in R&B and pop. Then, Kanye West — his new album shows he’s not afraid to take risks. [Our music] really varies; we like to take risks and people can get turned off if they really don’t like one of our songs. At the end of the day, we like being creative. All due respect to artists who do it, but it’s never really been who we are, to create the same things over and over. It keeps us fresh and interested. We’d love to work with people like Kanye, Shlomo … there are a ton of new bands that were really stoked about that are really fresh.

HL: So is it safe to assume those are the artists on your iPod at the moment?

TC: Yes! I also love J.Cole‘s new album, along with Kanye’s. I honestly think they’re both dope — I’ve always been a little more of a Kanye fan, but I love “Power Trip,” by J.Cole and Miguel. I also listen to random older stuff! I like the Spice Girls and Janet Jackson … that kind of stuff keeps me inspired! It keeps from making stuff from too “right now!” I even listen to music from 15 years ago. Hanson‘s “Mmmbop” was a dope, well-done, well-crafted melody.

Tyler Cordy Gets Personal

He likes Spice Girls and Hanson so of course, he’s got to have the girls crawling on him. However, it’s hard for the rock star who’s constantly traveling. However, he takes time to stay humble. He recently returned to Seattle and even met with an old teacher who gave him some great advice.

TC: She kind of really made me focus on writing and getting good at this whole music thing, and she said that I need to get away from girls in general and focus on myself. I’ve had a couple failed relationships that may have more to do with a complete individual.

HL: So you’re happy being single? You’re not looking?

TC: I have battled with it. I’m not good at being independent! I’m not good at being alone. I don’t like it, when, at the end of the day when you take a deep breath, you don’t have that person to go to or to send a text to. But no, I’m trying to not actively look.

HL: Well if you were looking, what kind of girl would you be looking for?

TC: I’ve been really attractive to ordinarily looking beautiful people. Not the Angelina Jolie beautiful or the in-your-face beautiful.

HL: So which celebrities are your crushes?

TC: I’ve had some run-ins with maybe a singer or two, but it’s too close to what I do. Initially it feels awesome, like “Oh, you can relate to what I do,” but then you kinda feel like you’re looking in the mirror at the end of the day. I don’t know if I would ever be able to date an actor, but I’m down with Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones!

Check out 2AM Club’s new music below and head to their website for all their latest!

LISTEN: 2AM Club’s Black Liquor (Bassy Remix) Feat. A-1

— Emily Longeretta