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‘Pacific Rim’ Reviews: It’s ‘Better’ & ‘Smarter’ Than Most Summer Movies

Wed, July 10, 2013 12:00pm EDT by 2 Comments
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Get ready for another apocalypse movie! Just when it seemed like there may be another ‘Transformers’ rip-off coming to theaters, critics raved about the new action flick, ‘Pacific Rim,’ making it clear that it’s anything but a ‘Transformers’ wannabe. Does that mean you should go see it?

In one of the summer’s majorly-hyped sci-fi flicks, Pacific Rim brings massive robots and godzilla-like creatures together to battle it out for control of the planet. Although popular cities like San Francisco, Sydney and Tokyo get destroyed in the film, a majority of critics say the epic battles between the robots, called Jaegers, and godzilla-like creatures, called Kaiju, are awesomely entertaining, especially in 3D. Idris Elba, Charle Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi pilot the Jaegers in an effort to save the world from yet another apocalypse. The critics have chimed in — see what they said!

‘Pacific Rim’ Reviews — Critics Praise The Summer Sci-Fi Flick

New York Post

The extinction of mankind has loomed again and again over Hollywood blockbusters the past couple of years, though never anywhere near as entertainingly as in “Pacific Rim.” [It] is the very rare movie I’d actually recommend seeing in 3-D, because it so effectively immerses the viewer in the action. The Kaiju are computer-generated wonders, and the Jaegers make the Transformers look like … well, children’s toys. This ultimate geekfest will remind you of at least two dozen earlier movies.

Time Out New York

Though everything we see is pure, pleasurable comic-book absurdity, Del Toro somehow lends a plausible humanity to the proceedings, one lacking in most of this summer’s city-destroying blockbusters.

Hollywood Reporter

A better-and-smarter-than-average humans-vs.-monsters spectacular. In most ways, this paradoxically derivative yet imaginative sci-fi epic is everything every monster movie since the beginning of time might have wished it could be: In no way pinched budget-wise, it’s got first-class special effects, crafty behemoths that calculate and react to circumstances in non-dumb ways, a smart director who injects a sense of fun and surprise whenever he can, a fair percentage of characters you don’t mind watching, and a few decent plot twists. In this genre, that’s saying something.

Village Voice

Pacific Rim is summer entertainment with a pulse. [It] is just the kind of big-ticket sci-fi adventure you’d want del Toro to make — provided you’d want him to make one at all.

‘Pacific Rim’ Flops In The Eyes Of Some Critics

Not every critic agreed that Pacific Rim was awesome, with some comparing it to an episode of The Power Rangers.


The squarest, clunkiest and certainly loudest movie of director Guillermo del Toro’s career, a crushed-metal orgy that plays like an extended 3D episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on very expensive acid.

Despite some of the negative critiques the movie received, the overall consensus about the sci-fi flick is that it’s definitely worth your while and better than the average sci-fi apocalypse film. Pacific Rim opens in theaters on July 12, and considering it involves some seemingly epic battles, it sounds like a film we don’t want to miss!

Will YOU go see Pacific Rim, HollywoodLifers?

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— Taylor Weatherby

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