Kate Middleton Planning On A Natural Birth — Report

Wed, July 10, 2013 12:56pm EST by 5 Comments
Kate Middleton Natural Birth

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Posted at 5:48 PM on July 14, 2013  

Well I have had 3 children the first natural the 2nd forcips and the 3 rd. by epijeral. I would like to say to opt for the epijeral if I was her but I suppose she will have a c section like the rest of then all famous e people have that be like the rest push that baby out well I hope she will be fine what ever way she has the baby

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Posted at 4:22 PM on July 11, 2013  

Dear Kate:

I’ve gone through natural childbirth. Do yourself a favor and ask for drugs.

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Posted at 4:21 AM on July 26, 2013  

i agree ive had emergency csec 1st baby she was born w/ heart problems
in labor only 2hours dilated 2 rushed foe csec i was cut across inside on uterus
& up & down on outside ?? from below belly button to pubic bone very painful

i had my next child al natural in 89 big year for vbac births vaginal birth after Cesarean section

hospital i delivered at did not offer epidurals at all so i did 18 1/2 hours natural flat on my flat on my back a miserable time a disastrous delivery i was a lil past 42 weeks all mine are around 42

mark , i should of ben induced & had a c sec all natural until dr decided to give pudendal block w/ out asking me that is a local injection an inject of burning lidocaine on each side of vagina she dr stuck me on 1side & 2nd side went into babies head almost killed my baby very sick heart stopped cpr got him bk started having granmal seizures

3rd baby 41 & 1/2 wks induced to prevent labor & delivery problems like last v2 deliveries
i wanted an epidural dr new this in end they said i went too fast to get it

i went in nite b4 got cervidil inserted ripens cervix started pitocin next am around 10 am by 12 noon water broke by 3 18 i pushed him out labor went so fast & w/ pitocin causing longer harder contractions as baby was delivered my uterus ‘s old csec scar opened up i started bleeding out

hosp lied about 2nd delivery my 3rd dr said if he had no the truth he wld never allow me to deliver vaginally again he said my uterus was sooo thin his fingers almost went rt thru it it was repaired its on my video camera oh my god she hs ruptured meaning my uterus since i was told i wasnt getting an epidural i was rather upset dr said to nurse to give me demeral i said i didnt

want it she had it in her hand & then laid down as i pushed & wen dr said i ruptured it was excruciatingly painful dr told nurse to give demeral iv push stat & get help stat dr highly recommended i never have another baby i tried again didnt happen then developed multiple sclerosis & had tubes tied

those r my birthing stories

1st a scary emergency csection general anesthesia i was asleep for delivery bay s heart had stopped wen i awoke i didnt no if baby girl had lived

2nd a horrible near fatal birth for my son dr’s mistakes cost life time problems county hospital

3rd near fatal for me baby was okay a fast labor was too much for old csec scar

i was considered high risk with last 2 births

i was unmedicated for last 2 births

labors lasted**********************

1s t 2hours then c sec dilation 2 centimeters babys heart stopped almost fatal to my daughter

2nd 18 1/2 hrs w/ pitocin heart dipped alot all indications pointed for csection delivery but it was denied delivered at county teaching hospital baby in nicu for weeks seizures blood

transfusions ect said baby would not make it thru nitr & if he did he wlld be brain damaged ealy mri scans & ct scans showed brain damage yet the power of prayer god answered our

prayers & made the baby pull thru praise god no law suits on any deliveries of mine in case any one was wondering hard to sue county hosp no lawyer will take those cases

3rd about 5 hours 18 min a hard fast labor induced w. pitocin & ended w/ a rupture in uterine wall of uterus almost fatal for me if had occurred moments b4 could have been fatal to me & my son
my 3rd dr was wonderful wish id had him for all 3 babies

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Posted at 1:49 AM on July 11, 2013  

Ohhh she’ll regret that but oh well. Miss Social Climber must pay ? Anyone but an idiot could know an epidural won’t harm a baby and will let you have a pain-free birth, yet you still can’t escape feeling the bad pressure of contractions. And the doctor will cut you to prevent your, ah , private baby canal from ripping on the outer edges. Imagine how YOGA and , ?! breathing will help with THAT when it happens ? Yeah, like “right”. Birth feels like an elephant standing on your abdomen, with a butcher knife already in it. OK ? Middleton is too hopeful.

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Posted at 4:26 AM on July 26, 2013  

your an idiot its her 1st baby leave her alone we all have gon thru irt 1st time ect 1st time moms usually have great ideas about birthing 1st baby i did as well if i was gonna do it again im not id have epidual at 3 centmeters 4 sure no running out of time hypno birthing wks for some kate wasnt in labor for long considering its her 1st baby congrats to her & william

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