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‘Under The Dome’ Recap: Julia Becomes Suspicious Of Barbie

Mon, July 8, 2013 11:56pm EDT by Chris Rogers 3 Comments
Under The Dome Manhunt
Courtesy of CBS

Plus, Linda, Big Jim and Barbie come face to face with Paul and a really big rifle.

Linda (Natalie Martinez) has to deal with the aftermath of Paul (Kevin Sizemore) killing a fellow police officer on the July 8 episode of Under The Dome. However, the town wants to deliver their own form of justice.

The Town Goes On A Manhunt For Paul

Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) questions whether Linda is capable of handling Paul and his manic behavior. Clearly, she had good reason to worry because minutes after Linda locks him up, he fools her into opening the cell door and knocks her to the ground, while stealing her gun in the process.

Big Jim (Dean Norris) returns home and questions his son, Junior (Alexander Koch), about the cuts on his face. Jim doesn’t really care that Barbie punched his son — he’s just worried about Junior making him look bad. Jim tells Junior to toughen up.

Big Jim finds Linda and lets her out of the jail cell she’s been trapped in since Paul escaped. He questions her capability to run the police force, and creates his own militia to track Paul down. Jim takes a special interest in Barbie and enlists him, however, Barbie is unaware that it was Jim’s son, whom he punched. Jim, on the other hand, does know.

Big Jim’s legion of warriors, including Barbie, go on a manhunt for Paul. The militia find Paul, but he ends up shooting one of them in the leg. Two of the guys head back to town, while Jim and Barbie continue to hunt him down.

Paul catches them off guard, but Linda shoot him dead, proving she can be a leader and take control of this town. Jim apologizes to Linda and promotes her to sheriff!

Norrie & Joe Have Strange Seizures Again — Pink Stars Are Falling

Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) stumbles upon Joe (Colin Ford) at the skatepark and asks to crash at his house. While her initial intention is to borrow some of his electricity (he has a generator), we can definitely sense a different type of electricity between these two.

Norrie’s mom, Carolyn (Aisha Hinds), tracks her down at Joe’s house. Norrie starts to say goodbye to Joe, but they touch hands and both experience a seizure. They end up repeating the same words as their last seizures: “pink stars are falling.”

Julia Becomes Suspicious Of Barbie

Julia begins to wonder why Barbie ended up in Chester’s Mill on the day the dome came down. He claims it was a mere coincidence before changing the topic and asking her why an ambitious person like her would live in this town. Julia says she stayed for her husband. (Awkward! — especially because Barbie killed her husband, and she has no idea.)

Later, she follows Junior into the tunnels, when she suspects he’s up to something. Julia quietly stays behind, but makes her presence known when she warns him that his flashlight is about to explode next to the dome wall. While her effort seems a bit heroic, Junior is not happy he was followed.

Junior begins to freak out because he lost his only source of light and doesn’t know how to get out of the tunnels. Luckily, Julia has a box of matches and uses them to get on Junior’s good side. As they head back to ground level, Junior asks Julia what she really knows about Barbie and why he was really there. He also tells Julia that Barbie punched him in the face.

Julia eventually drops Junior off at his house, where they run into Big Jim and Barbie outside. There’s super awkward tension as Junior runs inside and Barbie leaves with Julia. Junior asks his dad why he was with Barbie, but Big Jim tells him to let the grown-ups do their jobs.

Meanwhile, back at Julia’s house, Barbie preps for a shower. (More scenes with Mike Vogel getting undressed, please!) Julia starts questioning why he’s in Chester’s Mill, but Barbie’s sticking to his story — he was simply passing through when the dome came down. While he’s in the shower, Julia goes through his backpack and finds a map with a location marked. Could it be where he killed her husband, Peter? 

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you still in love with Under the Dome? What did you think of tonight’s episode? Leave a comment below! 

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— Chris Rogers