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George Zimmerman Tries To Explain Why He Shot Trayvon Martin, 17

Tue, July 2, 2013 9:43am EDT by 26 Comments
George Zimmerman Trial
Courtesy Of Fox, ABC

George Zimmerman was grilled by prosecutors in his second-degree murder trial on July 1. Prosecutors pointed out multiple inconsistencies in George’s statements about the tragic night that he shot Trayvon Martin dead.

George Zimmerman was hammered by prosecutors over his inconsistent statements to police about the events that led to him shooting and killing Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012. The emotional trial about the death of the teen, who only had skittles in his pocket, made for a tough day for George, who’s been charged with second degree murder.

George Zimmerman Trial — Jury Asked To Weigh Inconsistencies

The prosecution is hoping that George’s discrepancies will help convince the jury that George, 29, profiled Trayvon before killing him, The Los Angeles Times reports.

However, on Monday July 1, the defense got officials to agree that George was being helpful with police and that the inconsistent statements could be a result of him going through a traumatic event.

George Zimmerman’s Inconsistencies

George maintains he shot Trayvon in self-defense after the teenager allegedly attacked him. But some differences from his original statements may come back to bite him. For example, George originally said that after he called Sanford police to report Trayvon, a police dispatcher had asked him, “Can you get to somewhere where you can see him?” Yet, in the call played in court, the dispatcher is heard telling George to stay away and let police handle the situation.

Furthermore, George said he was violently attacked by Trayvon. “Somehow he got on top of me. … That’s when I started screaming for help,” George originally said to police, adding that the teenager punched him in the nose. George also said that Trayvon slammed his head against the sidewalk, 25 times or more. “You’re going to die tonight,” George said Trayvon told him. However, George’s injuries, a bloody nose and two lacerations on the back of his head, seem less severe than what one would expect from such a violent attack.

What do YOU think of George’s inconsistent accounts of what happened, HollywoodLifers? Do you think he’s guilty?

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