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‘Anna Nicole’ Review: Anna’s Clown Makeup & More Memorable Moments

Sat, June 29, 2013 10:00pm EDT by 14 Comments
Anna Nicole Movie Review
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The new Lifetime original movie ‘Anna Nicole’ premiered June 29 and it was crazy, wild fun — check out our five most unforgettable moments from the movie!

Anna Nicole is the latest Lifetime movie to center around a real-life figure. Agnes Bruckner stars as the very troubled and eccentric Anna Nicole Smith, who was made famous from her time as a Playboy playmate and marriage to a Texas billionaire who was old enough to be her grandfather. In a movie that chronicles the sex symbol’s rollercoaster ride of drugs, alcohol, and tragedy, there were multiple moments we just couldn’t forget. Check out our five favorite parts from the movie — but beware of MAJOR SPOILERS!

5 Memorable Moments From ‘Anna Nicole’

1. Anna’s Crazy Antics

Anna flashing her boobs to a crowd of people seems tame compared to everything else she did in the movie. From pole-dancing on a football field in front of her son — yes, you read that correctly — to getting wasted while pregnant, Anna sure lived ‘adventurously.’ In the beginning of the movie, we heard a voice-over from Anna that pretty much sums up the whole film: “She’ll be buried as an international celebrity and balls-to-the-wall party girl.” If we didn’t know that before watching this movie, we definitely know that now.

2. Future Visions Of Anna

Do we need to call Ghost Hunters? Back when Anna was still Vickie Lynn, we saw visions of an older Anna in a dynamite red dress with cleavage for days. She practically drew the Anna Nicole Smith out of an innocent Vickie Lynn. The movie claims borderline personality disorder, but as her son Daniel says, “Borderline my butt.”

3. Mr. & Mrs. Marshall

The whole courtship and marriage between Anna and J. Howard Marshall, played by Martin Landau, just seemed comical. Since this is 2013, the movie definitely enhanced the YOLO factor on Howard. The guy just wanted to have some fun in his last years and be Anna’s sugar daddy (cringe).

4. The Clown Scene

There are almost no words to describe this scene — but what made it even crazier was that it actually happened. With eerie clown makeup and severely slurred speech, a pregnant Anna claimed her baby was “just gas.” The little girl with her looked visibly worried and said Anna was having “brain trouble,” while Howard K. Stern filmed the whole thing. Agnes played this scene to perfection, and scared us with how far gone Anna was. As if the clown makeup wasn’t evident enough already.

5. Anything & Everything From Daniel

The real star of the film is Anna’s first child, Daniel. All four actors that played Daniel — especially Graham Patrick Martin — stole the show from the woman who wanted all the attention for herself. Graham really showed how Anna’s party-girl ways took a toll on him as a child, and he eventually succumbed to similar demons. He desperately tried to save his mother from tragedy, even telling her at one point, “You suck at being a momma, momma.” His scenes showed his vulnerability and yearning for the mother he once knew, making his unexpected death all the more tragic.

What was your favorite part about Anna Nicole, HollywoodLifers? Let us know!

WATCH: ‘Anna Nicole’ Movie Trailer

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— Avery Thompson

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