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Newborn Baby Rescued Alive From Drain In Spain After 40 Hours

Mon, June 24, 2013 10:03am EDT by 6 Comments
Baby Rescued Drain Brazil
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A month after a Chinese baby was heroically rescued from a sewage pipe, another newborn was miraculously discovered alive after being trapped inside a drain for two days in Alicante, Spain. The Spanish mother has been arrested under suspicion of trying to murder her baby.

A 26-year-old mother was arrested in Alicante, Spain on June 23 after her precious newborn baby boy was found alive inside a residential building’s drain. The suspect later admitted to authorities that she had tried to get rid of her baby because she couldn’t afford an abortion.

Baby Boy Rescued From Drain After 40 Hours

The newborn was found wrapped inside plastic bags with his umbilical cord still attached. He was believed to be trapped inside the drain for up to 40 hours, the Interior Ministry said on June 23.

The baby boy was discovered after a neighbor heard what he thought was a cat meowing, and called firefighters to rescue what he believed to be a trapped animal. Rescuers then found the newborn trapped inside a manhole in the courtyard of the building, where the drains all merged together.

“I thought it was a cat that was trapped and the baby’s crying was the meowing. The noise went on for ages, so I called the police,” a neighbor said, according to the Daily Mail. “One of the firefighters saw one of his tiny feet and realized it wasn’t a cat but a child.”

Although Spanish police believe the baby was discarded immediately after birth — and was trapped inside the drain for up to 40 hours — he alive when he was rushed to the hospital, and remains in serious (but not life-threatening) condition. His injuries include a bone fracture in one arm, and other injuries that have yet to be revealed.

Mother Arrested Under Suspicion Of Murder

The baby’s mother was admitted to a hospital on June 21 after telling doctors that she had suffered a miscarriage. Once authorities discovered she had given birth to the rescued newborn, she was arrested in the hospital where she was still being treated.

“The woman we have arrested is being held on suspicion of attempted murder,” a spokesperson for Spain’s national police.

The case is still under investigation, according to police. Authorities are also investigating her family to see who should care for the newborn.

Chinese Baby Boy Rescued Alive In Sewage Pipe

Just a month before the Spanish baby was found alive, a baby boy was found alive inside a sewage pipe on May 25 in the Chinese city of Jinhua. The baby was miraculously rescued after he was discovered lodged inside the pipe and crying, and authorities had to saw off the pipe to free the innocent boy.

The Chinese baby is healthy, and living with his maternal grandparents.

Such a heroic ending to a tragic situation. What do YOU think of the baby being rescued, HollyMoms? Do you think the mom should be charged with attempted murder?

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