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North West Is A Musical Soul Destined For The Spotlight — Astrologer Says

Sat, June 22, 2013 9:15am EDT by Sandra Clark 6 Comments
North West Astrology Chart

Good news Kardashian fans, North’s astrology chart is proof that the Kardashians are not going anywhere anytime soon. North is here to stay — in the public eye, that is. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details.

North West is an old soul with a strong personality, who needs to stay close to her mommy Kim Kardashian and daddy Kanye West, according to world renowned astrologer Kerstin Trafeli.

North West: An Awesome Asset To The Kardashian Family

Kerstin tells EXCLUSIVELY:

North West is a Gemini sun and Gemini rising, as such she has double Gemini energy, which means that her nature is active, communicative, outgoing and she will act this way, too. It is not a small asset to be able to act in accordance with one’s nature and in North’s case it is all about talking, communication, presentation, media, publishing.

“As a Kardashian, this should come as a great benefit to be able to communicate this well and that much,” Kerstin explains. She continues, adding that North will be worldly and will fit right in with her family:

Her strong Gemini influence makes North very interested in the world, and always open to new experiences. With parents who are constantly busy, traveling a lot and who in general are in the public eye, these strong Gemini placements will suit her very well.

“Sun in first house, often gives a very strong willed personality, which is probably a good thing so she wont be overlooked in such a big family of strong individuals,” Kerstin says. “Actually, with this placement, she might become the one calling the shots.”

“North’s midheaven is in Pisces and the ruler of Pisces (Neptune) is also in the 10th house, again fitting with the overall theme of media, public attention — potentially movies — as a lifestyle and purpose in life.”

North West Strongly Connected With Daddy Kanye

Kerstin also explains that North is intrinsically connected to her dad:

Her father’s signature is woven into North’s chart, too: There is musical talent with a Neptune Saturn trine, which she might use as a tool to, at some point in her life, emancipate herself from the family as her Neptune is placed so strongly in her 10th house. The surprising fact that Kim and Kanye broke with the K initial might be a strong indicator for North’s later in life emancipation from the Kardashian clan.

Parental Advice For Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Despite North’s natural inclination towards independent behavior, Kerstin says that North will need to be very close to her parents — especially Kim:

There is a strong connection to her mother as Neptune opposes Moon, so she feels very close to Kim and she needs her Mama to be physically close to her. Her moon is placed in the fourth house, so she prefers stability in her surroundings and probably will withdraw if she feels insecure. The more hands-on Kim can be with North, the better.

“With North’s venus in her second house, North loves comfort and beauty in her surroundings. It also means that she will need quite a lot of reassurance from her parents,” Kerstin explains. “Again, they should go the extra mile and try to be there for her, as opposed to leaving North with someone else.”

“With North’s Mars in her 12th house, it is important that she won’t feel defeated and discouraged. As North is interested in everything, her parents might want to help her in keeping focus so that she learns to become a master in something, as opposed to a Jack of all trades,” Kerstin says.

North West Is An Old Soul

“North has three planets (Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) retrograde, so we are dealing with an old soul,” Kerstin explains. “Especially the Neptune retrograde implies that a person has lived at least one life in Atlantis. Often, old souls find our fast-paced modern world shocking and difficult to adjust to. However, in North’s case with her strong Gemini placements, and her media-savvy family, I think she will do uber-fine!”

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Baby: Media Royalty

Kerstin says, “North has her Gemini Sun being intensified by her Jupiter conjunct in her 1st house, trined by Saturn and Neptune, making her media royalty.

“It is an old astrological legend that daughters born with a sun jupiter conjunct receive a kingdom due to their mother’s sacrifices,” explains Kerstin.

“In a nutshell, this baby girl fits right into the Kardashians with her upbeat, outgoing, active personality and like I said above, she is media royalty.”

Kerstin sees it written in the stars — that we’ll be talking about North West for years and years to come. “Maybe that’s the meaning of North — society needs a new orientation on what royalty is. Well, North is where it’s at! So, go ahead, everyone, bow down to Ms. North!”

What do YOU Hollywoodlifers thinks of North West’s extensive astrological reading?

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— Reporting by Sandra Clark

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